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baabaHi, I have a problem, I debootstrapped debian, I can chroot fine to the sd card on my nanonote but if I try to boot pressing M as the wiki says there is a glitchy screen and nothing happens, I have to reset the ben using the button at the bottom17:38
baabado you know what could cause this issue ? By the way this is debian 817:40
mthare you using a kernel from Debian or a NanoNote-specific kernel?17:42
baabai am using the nanonote kernel17:42
baabai followed this http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Debootstrap17:43
baabathe only thing I didn't do was installing fakeroot17:43
mthdid you run the command as real root then?17:44
baabawell yes17:45
baabaI only have a root user on my nanonote17:45
mthsome packages refuse to do certain actions as real root, but they'll usually print a warning about that17:45
baababut I can chroot fine to debian 17:45
mth(to avoid breaking systems where people accidentally run it as root)17:45
mthsid is older than Debian 8.0, so maybe some new steps are requried?17:46
mthyou could try installing sid first and then dist-upgrading to 8.x17:46
baababut sid is just debian unstable17:46
baabait should be even more recent17:46
mthah, it's not a release name?17:46
mthdo you have a serial connection? that would help seeing error messages if the screen isn't working17:47
baabaI don't think so17:47
baabawell I have an arduino17:47
baabaif it can help17:47
paul_boddiebaaba: Sounds like a kernel loading issue to me. Which kernel are you using?17:56
baabaIt says Linux BenNanoNote 3.3.8 #4 PREEMPT17:57
baabamaybe not #4 PREEMPt17:58
paul_boddieHave you made it available on the SD card itself in the /boot directory?17:59
baabayes i did17:59
paul_boddieOne thing you have to be careful about is how init gets called.18:00
paul_boddieOpenWrt uses a different convention to Debian, at least the version shipped with the Ben.18:00
baabawell i ran "ln -s /sbin/init /etc/preinit"18:01
baabain the chroot18:01
baabado you think a more recent kernel would work ?18:02
paul_boddieYou might experience issues with older kernels. Certainly, recent Debian relies on systemd-related features that the shipped kernel won't have configured.18:04
paul_boddieI guess if you've done the second-stage debootstrap in your chroot and have fixed up the preinit thing then that should work.18:05
paul_boddieI run User Mode Linux instances for various things, and I had to change the kernel configuration to let Debian Jessie run where Wheezy had been fine before.18:05
paul_boddieI guess that if you somehow force the debootstrap to use sysvinit instead, that might save you a kernel recompile.18:06
baabaokay thanks, well I will try to boot but I already did all of that and it didn't work, maybe I should try a more recent kernel as you said18:07
paul_boddieIt's odd that I don't mention this on http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Emdebian however.18:07
paul_boddieI did test Jessie on the Ben and it did work. Maybe I should see which kernel I was using.18:08
baabathere is a strange thing by the way, when trying to boot on debian the bottom of the screen has some kind of artifacts18:09
paul_boddieHowever, I don't think I got a mainline kernel working until fairly recently, and I was mostly using the OpenWrt one instead, albeit recompiled, but not a much newer version.18:09
paul_boddieThe boot process involves U-Boot in NAND initialising various things and then trying to execute /boot/uImage, if I remember correctly.18:10
baabawhat do you think about the small artifacts ?18:11
baabaonly at the bottom of the screen18:11
paul_boddieWhat happens after that is up to the kernel. When I was getting my own payload instead of Linux running, I saw all sorts of strange screen effects when things went wrong.18:12
baabaoh okay18:12
paul_boddieOK. So I see that my (slow-booting) Debian is running 4.7.2. That's the mainline kernel with no patches necessary.18:15
baabais it a problem that my sd card is /dev/mmcblk0p1 and not  /dev/mmcblk018:16
baabawell no18:16
baabathe contrary18:16
paul_boddiecat /proc/partition will show you what's going on. The first partition is what will provide the root filesystem.18:18
paul_boddieModifier keys don't seem to work with this kernel. :-/18:19
baabathe 4 first lines end with mtdblock[0..3]18:20
baabathen comes the mmcblk018:20
baabashould I try to compile linux mainline for the ben nanonote ?18:23
paul_boddieI don't think that's a problem.18:23
paul_boddieI'll have a look at the other kernel.18:23
baabaokay thanks18:23
paul_boddieOK, so I'm actually running Debian 7.7 in my rootfs, not Debian 8. This is with kernel 3.3.8 (or 4.7.2 as noted before).18:32
paul_boddieI must have another partition somewhere with Debian 8, though.18:33
baabaOh okay :o well it should work then&18:34
baababut it doesn't :(18:34
baabamaybe I should copy the kernel again to the sd card18:35
paul_boddieAs I noted, the systemd stuff might be demanding certain kernel features that you would need to enable. Otherwise the kernel will panic and just hang the Ben.18:35
baabaso better try to put a recent kernel you think ?18:36
paul_boddieGive 4.7.2 a try or maybe a later kernel. That was the latest one when I looked, I think.18:37
baabaokay thanks, but I don't really know how to compile it, I tried getting the toolchain for the ben nanonote but it wouldn't compile, do I need it or only gcc ?18:38
paul_boddieI guess you're running Debian on your other computer. If so, there are decent cross-compilers for unstable which I use in a chroot.18:39
paul_boddie(I just checked another partition on the Ben and it had Debian 7.3.)18:39
baabaoh okay18:39
paul_boddieIt's been a while since I looked at Linux/Debian on the Ben. Most recently, I was messing around with my own payload being launched from the bootloader instead.18:40
baabaoh okay18:41
baaba:p 18:41
paul_boddieI'll check in on this later, but getting a cross-toolchain working is handy, anyway.18:41
baabayou must be a pro18:41
baabaWell I tried to compile the ben nanonote toolchain but it wouldn't18:41
paul_boddieYou want whatever it is that provides mipsel-linux-gnu-gcc.18:42
paul_boddieProbably the gcc-mipsel-linux-gnu and binutils-mipsel-linux-gnu packages.18:42
baabaI'm running fedora, it has gcc-mips64-linux-gnu18:42
baabaI suppose it's not good18:43
paul_boddieKeep posting your progress if you like, but I have to do other stuff. ;-)18:43
baabaokay :p18:43
paul_boddieYou want 32-bit MIPS little endian (mipsel).18:43
paul_boddieI haven't tried building the OpenWrt toolchain for a while, but it should still build.18:44
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arossdotmegot these, hoping to laser engrave them http://bayimg.com/album/aAaOPAAAC20:23
baabayour site is not working20:31
baabaoh now it is20:31
baabapaul_boddie, I found that : F1/2/3 will load kernel from sdcard partition 1/2/321:42
baabaF4 will load kernel inside the ubi rootfs of nand.(we need put kernel at /boot/uImage)21:42
baabathose kernel command line. boot kernel command can be changed by 'fw_setenv'21:42
baabahere http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/OpenWrt_Software_Image21:42
paul_boddieYes, there are probably some special keys that can be used.21:45
paul_boddieWas just trying to initialise a Jessie rootfs with the 3.3.8 kernel, but it seems to hang after setting up.21:46
baabamaybe it doesn't work because of how my sdcard is partitonned21:46
paul_boddieI may try and boot now and see if I reproduce what you got before.21:46
baabaokay :p thanks for helping21:47
paul_boddieNo problem! Got to keep people using these things. :-)21:47
baabaif i copy dumbly my old sdcard contend to my new one but new partition, is it supposed to work ?21:48
paul_boddieYou can do dd to copy to and from partitions. I don't know whether that answers your question, though.21:51
paul_boddieIt looks like Debian 8 plus 3.3.8 won't work. I suspect systemd. Will look at doing a rootfs using sysvinit instead.21:52
baabaoh okay 21:52
baabayou can't boot but you can chroot 21:54
baabaright ?21:54
wpwrakforced upgrades suck :-( ubuntu 16.10 no longer has xchat. and hexchat "it's just exactly like xchat" of course isn't21:56
paul_boddieIs hexchat tightly integrated with systemd? ;-)22:03
baabahow many partitions do you have on your sdcard for debian 8 + linux 3.3.8 ?22:11
paul_boddie3: 1 for the rootfs, 1 for swap, 1 for backups. But only the first two will be used.22:12
baabaoh okay thanks22:12
baabaI thought the fact that there is a single partition on my sd card was the problem22:13
paul_boddieYou only need one partition really.22:13
paul_boddieWell, you really need swap if you want Debian. Otherwise stuff like apt won't work.22:14
baabaoh okay22:14
baabaIs there any other up to date OS for the nanonote ?22:14
paul_boddieI don't think so. As for Debian, I'll see if I can't persuade it to switch to sysvinit.22:17
paul_boddieOtherwise, a recompiled kernel might be necessary. Or I could try Devuan. :-)22:17
baabaOkay :p22:19
paul_boddieTrying again now. Given the poor documentation and multistrap's "silently ignored" features with preseeding, I await failure.22:20
paul_boddieBut I could also try hacks with preinit before switching to Devuan. ;-)22:20
baabaWhat is the preinit ? :p The wiki says to create a symbolic link of /bin/init to /etc/preinit i believe22:21
paul_boddieIt seems to be an OpenWrt thing. They configure the kernel to use /etc/preinit as the init program for some reason.22:24
baabaoh okay22:24
baababy the way there is no systemd in debian 7 ?22:25
paul_boddieThat's right: Wheezy uses sysvinit. As I noted, when I set up some User Mode Linux instances for Jessie, I noticed that my kernels didn't boot those instances, whereas they did for Wheezy.22:29
paul_boddieOK. I obviously didn't read the mind of the developers, and the Ben still doesn't init, so I'll try a preinit hack.22:30
baabahow are you planning to do that ?22:30
paul_boddieWhen my preinit file finishes configuring, instead of linking to /sbin/init, I'll invoke some apt magic and hopefully force systemd out.22:32
paul_boddies/instead of/before/22:32
baabacool bot !22:32
baabaok, i am going to bed ! good luck :p22:44
paul_boddieThanks! You'll read what I find out in the logs.22:44
baabaokay thanks :p22:44
paul_boddieWell, sysvinit doesn't seem happy with /run/initctl, but it's not over yet.23:24
paul_boddieOK, I get a login after "preinit" now.23:27
paul_boddieAnd booting from MMC/microSD works.23:31
paul_boddieSo, the trick was to put sysvinit-core in the package list for multistrap.23:34
paul_boddieLots of advice about preseed files and excluding systemd may only be relevant for debootstrap, but that may be fixed by now as well.23:35
paul_boddieSo, 3.3.8 works with Debian 8, but you must use sysvinit-core in the packages list.23:45
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