#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2016-11-21

paul_boddiebaaba: Congratulations!00:00
Action: Oksana wonders what OS is installed by default on Ben Nanonote as shipped by IDA systems00:36
arossdotmegood for ya02:52
kristianpaulwebsite is not down.. >_>03:02
wpwrakOksana: should be openwrt. that's pretty much the default choice.03:40
arossdotmelibrewrt i belive06:07
baabaHi again, I have a few questions : is it normal that : dns is not working ? I edited /etc/resolv.conf to add servers but I still can't ping domain names, only ip adresses& I also can't use the powertop app, the battery script from qi hardware that I had to create just doesn't seem to work fine, I am at 93% battery while connected and fully charge and as soon as I unplug the ben nanonote i get 83% battery11:46
baababy the way, idasystems.net seems down to me11:49
wpwrakseems to have a dns problem12:00
arossdotmeold batt maybe?12:35
arossdotmei assume your looking  at the files in /sys/class/powersomething12:35
kyaksounds like a misconfigured /etc/resolv.conf or NAT problems (if you are doing ethernet over usb)15:42
kyakanyway, you've got tcpdump there, so you know what to do15:42
--- Tue Nov 22 201600:00

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