#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2016-11-05

taorahello everyone, I10:37
taoraI'd like to remove the usb extension on this drive: is.gd/sfA644  but it seems so tightly fixed when I try to pull it out10:38
taorais it not possible to remove it at all?10:38
babaaHello ! So ida systems eventually sent me the tracking number17:41
babaabut it doesn't work17:42
eintopfdid you try to track with track17?17:42
babaaoh no thanks I shall try17:42
babaanot found17:43
eintopfI use that always when I order something from china -> it sometimes can track more17:43
babaawell ida is india, don't know if it's the same17:43
eintopfthey should find any package by any tracking number17:44
babaaI think they might have sent it veeery lately :/17:45
eintopfcould be17:49
eintopfwhere are you from?17:53
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