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OksanaIs IDA Systems down? http://www.idasystems.net/products/nanonote04:42
OksanaIs GCW-Zero a Qi hardware? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GCW_Zero Aka, open-source software, open-source hardware, and patent-free?..04:59
Action: Oksana wonders if it would be doable to have Ben NanoNote with, say, JZ4770 CPU, and possibly a touch-screen in addition to keyboard? Or are touch-screens patented all around?05:00
wpwrakOksana: you typically get the touch-screen as a building block, so if there are patent worries, they've already been sorted out. also, resistive touch-screen have been around forever, so at least these should be untroubled05:08
wpwrakit seems that it would nowadays be difficult to source a similar CPU, though. but then, some nice little arm should do as well05:10
whitequarker, typo06:04
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babaahello, I don't know wtf is wrong with IDA systems but it worries me16:41
babaastill no package in the mailbox, nor any tracking number from IDA systems and their website is down16:43
wpwrakbabaa: so far, i haven't heard anything bad about ida systems. but of course, companies can go down, for a variety of reasons. and sometimes they're just slow. how long ago did you order ? and did they confirm your order ?16:50
babaaWell yes they confirmed, I ordered on the 19th or the 20th of october, I asked them on the 27 about the tracking number, Zoheb Ansari then sent an email to me and Mr Rakshat and Surendra but no replies since16:59
wpwrakmaybe send them another mail. two weeks isn't all that long, and who knows what kind of holidays and vacation schedule they have in india. e.g., many a western company would also be eerily quiet when ordering around the 24th of december :)17:28
babaayeah :/ if you think they are not scummy then I will wait a bit more19:08
wpwraki don't know them but they've been around for a while, and apparently without a bad reputation so far19:36
babaaoh okay thanks 20:57
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