#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2016-11-01

paul_boddiebaaba: See http://en.qi-hardware.com/irclogs/qi-hardware_2016-06-20.log.html for the person who bought a NanoNote from Ida Systems.12:23
paul_boddieThey also posted to the mailing list: http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2016-June/011036.html12:23
paul_boddieI have no connection with Ida Systems. They were the only company apparently with any after Pulster (from whom I bought mine) sold out.12:24
paul_boddieOn the topic of successors, I still think it's a shame that only the A20 card was part of the EOMA68 campaign, since the jz4775 might have been of interest.12:27
paul_boddieMaybe people in the MIPS scene can persuade lkcl to do a run given that the other options for competitive MIPS products are thin on the ground.12:28
paul_boddie(Especially since the CI20 seems to be yesterday's news and the CI40 is all about "IoT".)12:29
paul_boddieAnyway, that's probably more than what baaba wanted to know. ;-) Good luck with your order, though! :-)12:30
baabahi thanks paul_boddie :p sorry i was afk14:02
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