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--- Mon Oct 31 201600:00
arossdotmeknow of any hacker conf talks about bike locks?17:09
arossdotmeand braking them or picking them?17:09
arossdotmereliased i want to watch/read a review/test done by a hacker not a "journalist" article17:10
arossdotme*ealised 17:11
arossdotme*realised 17:11
arossdotmethis was piratical :) https://vimeo.com/10901828117:38
baabahi, has anyone bought from ida systems ?21:55
arossdotmebaaba, nano notes from india right?23:43
arossdotmei havnt but i believe there good23:44
arossdotme*(if so then, i havnt....)23:44
baabayes arossdotme , they seem to lack responsiveness, I ordered two weeks ago and I still don't know if they shipped my Ben Nanonote :/ I wanted to know if anyone bought from them before23:46
arossdotmeoh, i remmber asking them something and getting a response..... that was near the time they set up or was it when they where the last nano note supplier?23:48
arossdotmei forget23:48
arossdotmehopefully things are ok23:48
arossdotmei guess after some years, they have grow tired....23:49
arossdotmefor want of a better word23:49
arossdotme(cant spell the word i would have liked to use)23:50
baabalol :p where are you from23:53
--- Tue Nov 1 201600:00

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