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DocScrutinizer0516.8/4 = 4.210:50
DocScrutinizer05highly unlikely10:50
DocScrutinizer05I think I elaborated on that several times10:50
DocScrutinizer05even under moderate load cell voltage rapidly drops from 4.2V to 4.0V or less10:51
DocScrutinizer054*4.0 = 1610:52
DocScrutinizer05this is a CAR amplifier, it's supposed to survive all sorts of really nasty abuse10:52
DocScrutinizer05car power supply is only one thing guaranteed: it's dirty like hell, and you can have voltage spike up to 50V and more10:53
DocScrutinizer05"10.8V to 15.1V" is the "recommeded operating conditions", _not_ the ABS MAX ratings10:54
DocScrutinizer05bottom line: simply ignore that non-issue10:54
DocScrutinizer05rather worry if your battery pack is supposed to survive a 100A load10:55
DocScrutinizer0514.4V seems to be the NOMINAL voltage in a 12V car system10:57
DocScrutinizer05so heck yes, it will survive a 16.8V10:57
arossdotmeDocScrutinizer05, yes ive asked about it before, and took note that 4.2 freshly charged voltage for a cell isnt the reality when theres a load. so i tried my smaller car amp which says its has a max of 16V or as ya put it a "recommend operating voltage" and i found it droped to hmm something like 15.8v. so i was still (perhaps not so logically,) worried with this new car amp that said a slight lower volt. anyway thanks for your reass23:15
arossdotmeurance. ever appreciated!23:15
arossdotmei head over people can connected there car amp to 24v systems and damgaed them/not working anything i think. so i wasnt trusting of there being margin. but 24v is a lot more that 16v :)23:16
arossdotmethe manauals give the speaker watts ratings at a reference of 14.4V. so lead acid batts are not ideal cus one cant max the amp out23:18
arossdotmethanks muchly for the help and context, puts things into perspective when you say spikes upto 50v :)! 23:21
arossdotmenow to get it and try it out :)23:21
arossdotmeoh dam before i can run it off batt i need to get a higher current rated/limited BMS23:25
arossdotmeonly got a 20A one, that was scary enough! but now its doesnt seam so much... 23:35
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