#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2016-10-25

--- Tue Oct 25 201600:00
arossdotmethinking of getting this model of car amp 500w into 4ohm "1%"thd18:19
arossdotmePioneer GM-D960118:19
arossdotmebut the voltage input limit is 15.1v18:21
arossdotmeand ive got a 4S lipo so 16.8v18:21
arossdotmei guess the voltage drop when theres a load of the amp on the batt wont be enough, the voltage will still be higher than its limit :(18:22
arossdotmewould a high power diode inbtween be enough to knock off a volt?18:23
arossdotmeintestingly in the specs they mention the Average current drawn: 4.0 A (2 W for one channel)18:24
arossdotmeand Current consumption ............ 24 A (at continuous power,18:24
arossdotme4 W)18:24
arossdotmeits 500w into 2ohm btw18:24
arossdotmeor should i use a buck converter? but when its only for one volt, i think thats overkill18:31
--- Wed Oct 26 201600:00

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