#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2016-10-20

--- Thu Oct 20 201600:00
baabaHello, I just bought a ben nanonote ! Does anyone here have one ?18:32
mthquite a few people here have one, I expect, but I'm not one of them19:15
baabaoh okay :p 19:19
baabaBy the way does qi-hardware still exists ? Will they ever create the successor to the Ben nanonote ?19:22
baabaoh :( it would have been great, but it is copyleft hardware so in theory it could happen :/19:25
baabaBy the way I don't understand something : Is openWRT some kind of rolling release ? If I update my Ben Nanonote once I get it, will it get the newest software ?19:31
baabaor is it stuck in a older version ?19:34
--- Fri Oct 21 201600:00

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