#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2016-10-09

arossdotmewhy are li-ion torches discharging batts to 2.8v! are there any that stop at 3.2v? :(05:04
DocScrutinizer053V2 down to 2V8 doesn't earn you much, so it's just a consideration how much wear&tear you accept for a 3 minutes longer operation, basically06:04
wpwrakhave you ever watched an action movie where the last few _seconds_ of remaining light weren't absolutely decisive ? so these 3 minutes of extra power are crucial. after all, what good does a healthy battery do you if the alien has just eaten you ? :)06:52
arossdotmeheh yea but in my case my problem is eating up batterys cus i damaged them, so then they dont last long in the first place! in my dad life i want batterys to have a good life time and not have it reduced from accidentally leaving it or or just not knowing how discharged it was. cus then you need even more batterys cus all there capacity is wrecked so you have to carry more for  the same cap. if therse a scarry alien then yes, activate 13:06
arossdotmeemergency mode! sod it at that point 2.8v it is then :)13:06
arossdotmedad life=day to day13:06
arossdotmedad= typo13:07
arossdotmeheck 3.5v for to walking the dog  use :)13:07
DocScrutinizer05yes, makes a lot of sense14:11
DocScrutinizer05nothing wrecks Li batteries more than deep discharge14:12
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