#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2016-09-04

baabaHello everyone11:57
baabawow this place seems to be quite empty12:41
wpwrakpeaceful :)12:42
wpwrakor at least so it appears12:43
wpwrakmaybe the woods are full of hungry predators, lurking ;)12:43
eintopffreenode is dying :(13:06
baabaoh hi13:09
baabaDo you guys own a nanonote ?13:10
eintopfI wish I would have such nanonote13:10
baabaoh why don't you get one then ?13:11
eintopfI came to qi-hardware in a time where nanonotes are not able to buy anymore (I think)13:11
eintopfonly old ones13:12
eintopfon ebay, maybe13:12
baabawhat about ida systems ?13:12
baabathey sell some don't they ?13:12
eintopfdon't know ida systems13:13
baabaIt's apparently the only site selling nanonotes13:14
baababut they ship from India and I don't know the shipping price13:14
--- Mon Sep 5 201600:00

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