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baabaIs it a good idea to get a Nanonote now or is there anything better for the price ?21:40
baabaIs there anyone here ? :/21:53
mththere is not a lot of activity around the nanonote anymore, I think21:56
mthbut I don't know if any alternatives exist21:56
mthit also depends on what you intend to use it for21:57
baabawell a note taking device mainly or maybe a media player21:57
baabais et still being sold  ?21:57
baabaI just emailed ida systems21:58
mthI don't know, maybe wolfspraul or xiangfu knows21:59
baabaoh okay thanks, do you own a Nanonote ?21:59
mththere is the Pandora and its successor Fyra, but those are a lot more expensive than the NanoNote21:59
baabayeah more than 300 euros21:59
mthno, I got here because I had a Dingoo A320, which uses similar hardware, but doesn't have a keyboard21:59
baabathe nanonote is around 50 on ida systems22:00
baabaoh okay22:00
baabais there any similar device suitable for note taking. media playing and occasionnaly programming ?22:03
baabapreferably cheap ?22:04
paul_boddiebaaba: The keyboard isn't that great on the NanoNote, but it does seem to be supported in recent Linux kernel releases.22:14
paul_boddieThanks to all the people tirelessly working on upstreaming MIPS/Ingenic stuff. :-)22:14
baabaoh ok thanks22:17
baabaso you own a nanonote paul_boddie 22:18
paul_boddieYes. Still experiment with stuff on it, although it's been a few months.22:18
paul_boddieWas using it to (very slowly and with some frustration) learn about the MIPS architecture.22:19
mthpaul_boddie: speaking of kernels, we're trying to close the gaps between 4770 and 4740 to prepare for upstreaming, but you wrote earlier than some things got broken along the way22:19
baabapaul_boddie,  where did you get it from ? 22:20
mth(we = pcercuei and me, who maintain the gcw0 kernel)22:20
paul_boddieWell, 4.7.2 built and ran on the NanoNote, at least well enough to boot my Debian installation.22:20
paul_boddieThanks to you (mth) and pcercuei for all the hard work!22:20
paul_boddiebaaba: I got mine from Pulster back in 2012, but he sold out not too long afterwards. Only Ida Systems has them now.22:20
paul_boddiemth: Is the 4775 supportable from the 4770 code? I'm still hoping for EOMA68-jz4775 one day.22:21
baabaoh ok thanks for the info22:21
mthprobably, but I don't have a 4775 device to test on22:21
baabaare they still manufactured ? I doubt it but...22:21
mthit's a lot like the 4770 but without the gpu, right?22:22
paul_boddiebaaba: No, I think only 2000 were made, according to estimations made by outsiders.22:22
paul_boddiemth: Yes, no GPU, just the vector stuff or something like that.22:22
mthideally you'd only have to create a new devicetree file for it22:22
baabaoh wow so they're quite rare 22:22
paul_boddieI should look at the 4740 device tree description just to get into that a bit more.22:23
paul_boddiebaaba: Yes, they'll be funding our pensions in a few years. ;-)22:23
mththe 4740 doesn't use DT as much as it should yet; we have several of the shared drivers migrated in the 4770 tree22:23
mthit would be worthwhile to fix that and try whether it still runs on 474022:24
mthI think pcercuei did some tests, but I don't remember how far he got22:24
baabaIs there any plan to make an other nanonote with better specs ? paul_boddie ?22:24
paul_boddieI got confused with the gcwnow stuff, but to my surprise the official kernel worked, no patches needed.22:32
paul_boddiebaaba: No. There's no-one with the knowledge of the original and no continuity with that project.22:33
paul_boddieThere was a plan a while ago but it got shelved. I guess demand for the Ben wasn't enough.22:33
baabayeah it must be that22:33
paul_boddieMaybe people will be motivated enough to do a similar EOMA68 device. I don't know, really.22:34
baabaoh yes that would be interesting22:35
paul_boddieI think the keyboard would be the critical thing. I don't know how good the N900 or Pyra keyboards are, but a study of how they're done would be useful.22:36
paul_boddiemth: Apart from GCW-Zero is there any other "action" in the MIPS scene in terms of devices getting out there? Apart from routers, I guess.22:38
mththere is the ci20 and ci4022:40
mthand I heard someone talk about an x1000 dev kit22:40
baabaWhat is the nanonote battery life ?22:43
paul_boddieThe CI20 doesn't exactly seem well supported any more. I guess the CI40 is still being delivered to backers.22:48
paul_boddieI've never really tested the battery life with the NanoNote.22:48
baabaoh okay22:52
paul_boddieSome people were using Yeeloong and other such stuff, but reading things recently, they seem to be abandoning it.22:53
paul_boddieI don't have a good overview of the MIPS scene from Lemote and similar vendors.22:53
paul_boddiebaaba: I was also messing around with the NanoNote like this... http://blogs.fsfe.org/pboddie/?p=45222:55
paul_boddieIt's Werner's fault that I got started doing stuff like that. ;-)22:55
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