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--- Wed Aug 3 201600:00
pcercueilarsc: I heard you have a Nanonote and like to build Linux kernels17:38
larscdon't trust the rumors17:45
larscneed to go buy milk, shops close in 15 min17:45
pcercueithere's no rush18:08
eintopfwahhh no milk18:14
eintopfno shoko milk :(18:14
larscpcercuei: I'm back btw.18:19
eintopflarsc: do you will be at elce?18:25
eintopflarsc: the linux sound architecture stuff (ALSA) is so 1990 years style :-/18:26
larscI'll be there18:26
larscALSA is super advanced18:26
eintopf(be there) ah, ok. 18:26
eintopfyea but to make some modern stuff people adding new layers in userspace18:27
eintopfe.g. pulseaudio18:27
eintopfusing plain ALSA -> you don't like to do that anymore18:27
larscALSA at the core is like Vulkan18:27
larscdifficult to use for endusers, but can deliver maximum performance18:28
eintopfthe new open 3d api stuff?18:28
larsccome to my talk and you'll learn all about it ;)18:28
eintopfoh I don't know if I will be at ELCE18:29
eintopfbut I recently wrote some DSP plugin18:29
larscpulseaudio is the hero though we all needed18:29
eintopffor the alsa API stuff18:29
eintopfor something like that18:29
eintopfdon't remember the name18:29
eintopfbut it was funny, I had some wine plugin wrapper loader for winamp DSP plugins18:29
eintopfand feed ladspa(I think that was the name) with that18:30
eintopfI think ladspa is already deprecated?18:31
larscI've never heard of it before, no idea18:33
eintopfah, ok.18:33
eintopfI looked for an easy way to add some DSP for a pulseaudio output18:34
larscI think pulseaudio has a nativ API for that18:34
eintopfyou can load some ladspa plugin (so far I understand)18:35
eintopfI tried that at first18:35
eintopfbut this is only some other technique18:35
pcercuei< eintopf> using plain ALSA -> you don't like to do that anymore18:36
pcercueinobody ever used plain ALSA18:36
pcercueiyou used libasound, aka the user-space part of ALSA18:36
eintopfthat's the dsp plugin for pulseaudio18:36
pcercueiwhich has always been a terrible pain in the ass18:36
pcercueifor devs, at least18:36
eintopfpcercuei: the kernel part is ALSA, but userspace part can also be ALSA18:36
eintopfand yes I think it's libasound :-/18:36
pcercueiPulseAudio replaces libasound, and that's a good thing18:37
eintopfbut I need to run pulseaudio in userspace :(18:37
eintopfI don't like to have latency18:37
pcercueiwell, you ran libasound in user-space before, right?18:37
eintopfI think so, before18:37
eintopfI also used some time ago OSS18:37
eintopfand not ALSA18:37
eintopfand yes I used OSS when OSS was not in kernel anymore18:38
eintopfbut OSS, the name is open sound system18:38
eintopfbut it's not open :(18:38
eintopfthat's my current soundcard18:39
eintopfand I am very happy with this device18:40
eintopfthere are no noising when I change the volume, not so much complicated mixer settings...18:40
eintopfI had a emu10k1 before18:41
eintopfit worked well as well, and I know the emu10k1 chip has some hardwaremixing stuff feature - I think I never get this feature running18:41
eintopfand some in-hardware effects stuff18:42
eintopfemu10k1 is okay...18:42
eintopfthe fiio stuff is geat, I can also plug it into my notebook18:43
eintopfbut digital coax output, I have now a converter from digital coax <-> digital optical18:44
eintopfI am interessted in ALSA kernel stuff, because you really need to know how doing things fast18:46
eintopfotherwise somebody will replace ALSA with a faster alternative ;-)18:46
eintopfand what about real time linux + ALSA real time use-cases18:46
eintopflarsc: I really don't like LF conferences, this is all too much marketing stuff and LF is far away from the community18:48
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