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--- Mon Jun 20 201600:00
kyakEDT: the nanonote image that you flash contains only some of the available applications.04:31
kyakif you need emacs, you should use opkg to install it from repository04:32
kyakas for debian, see http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Category:Ben_NanoNote and Debian and Debian/Installer pages04:33
kyakthere were also discussions about Debian on Nanonote on mailing lists, you can search for that04:33
EDTkyak: I actually don't seem to have emacs in the opkg repo unless it's listed under some other name04:34
kyakit's been a long time.. but you are right, it's somehow not in the repo04:38
kyaki don't remember why04:38
kyakyou have to build it yourself then from http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-packages/source/tree/master/emacs04:38
kyakthis should help04:39
kyakor, another option04:39
kyakemacs is available in the previous image package, here: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/packages/NanoNote/Ben/2012-07-11/04:40
kyakpoing opkg directly to these .ipk urls04:40
kyakit may or may not work though04:41
EDTI'll give it a try, and if not, I'll build it myself04:41
EDTthank you so much!04:41
kyakyou are welcome04:41
EDTit worked, now I have emacs on my nanonote!04:56
kyaknice :)05:01
kyakis it a second hand nanonote that you own? i assume you bought it recently05:03
EDTI got it yesterday, from Ida Systems, new05:16
EDTI was really glad to be able to get one, hardware like this tends not to be common, especially as open as the Nanonote is05:17
EDTI really think there's a lot of potential in the concept, though the execution leaves it unusable for anyone who's not willing to learn a bit05:23
kyaknice, i didn't know there are new left in stock anywhere05:55
kyakif i read correctly, it costs 3999 indian rupees - that is, 60 usd?05:55
kyakeven cheaper than originally05:56
EDTthe price was pretty good, but shipping to the US was kind of expensive (as expected)06:01
kyakwpwrak: another Anelok killer :)07:57
kyakif you know how to make fancy videos, you can beat that!07:58
wpwrakyet another YubiKey chaser you mean ;-)07:59
wpwrakso the hackaday community has discovered the panasonic "joystick" :)08:00
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