#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2016-06-17

--- Fri Jun 17 201600:00
LJHSLDJHSDLJHI'm wondering what is the type of some storage memory included in one of the old nokia mobile phones, can anyone suggest how to go about searching it? (other than google)08:38
eintopfsome kind of eeprom connected via spi?08:40
wpwrakgoogle sounds like a good choice. with some luck, you may be able to find some service manual.08:42
wpwraknow, if your definition of "old nokia mobile" would include the n900 smartphone (or of of the close relatives), the answer may be easier to find ;-)08:43
LJHSLDJHSDLJHLJHSLDJHSDLJH> wpwrak: nokia c2-00 which is s40, I'm trying to access the internal storage of the device as a root .. would it be possible?08:49
wpwrakgoogle helps :-) http://www.s-manuals.com/phone/nokia_c2-0009:10
eintopfahhh high-level access to storage09:56
eintopfthe question was just too high level09:56
--- Sat Jun 18 201600:00

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