#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2016-06-01

DocScrutinizer05well, you actually should throw in your anelok buzzword hat00:22
wpwrakfrantically editing the 3d model, to have a more accurate picture to show :)00:25
wpwrakthere's this seemingly huge change of adding buttons that i've been pushing off for ages00:27
wpwrakin the end, it turned out to be about a day of work. how intimidating things can grow when procrastinating ...00:28
wpwrakgrow ... in your mind only00:35
DocScrutinizer05please don't elaborate00:37
wpwraknaw, got things to tweak. no time to ponder the human condition in general and in particular ;-)00:45
kyakby the way, the only time people mention Canada is when they cross-compile13:51
kyakcrosstool-ng just doesn't work for me when i try canadian cross 13:52
wpwrakphew. cleaned up anelok.com a little, made sure "getting started" compiles (it didn't, naturally), posted a hopefully not too advertizinglish comment to greg's post, now let's see if anything crawls out of it :)20:19
--- Thu Jun 2 201600:00

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