#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2016-05-26

kyakwhat? i just named all my variables E1, E2, etc.. 04:51
kyak(a smile)04:51
whitequarkwpwrak: C99 says that everything starting with __ is reserved (maybe the rule is more broad)04:53
whitequarklarsc: *anything* starting with str, really?04:53
larscany external identifier starting with str and followed by a lower-case letter06:03
larscthat's what you get for not having native namespacing06:05
eintopfso the maintainer told me to add __ for low-level foo06:56
eintopfI will add __06:57
larscif you are working on a libc that is correct07:14
eintopfnope :-)07:16
eintopfnetworking foo :(07:16
eintopfthat's a lot of magic07:16
eintopfbut sound subsystem as well07:16
eintopfsomebody told me the linux sound stuff is stucked in technlogoy from 90s07:17
eintopflarsc: you do lot of audio stuff there, or?07:18
eintopfDSP foo, this maybe contains audio07:18
larscthe linux audio stuff from the 90s is still ahead of what others done in the present!08:07
whitequarklarsc: you're literally the first person i talked to who worked with linux audio *and* is fond of it08:25
whitequarkas a programmer, well.08:25
larscALSA has some pretty nice things, not perfect, but still pretty good08:34
larscit's a bit like what Vulcan is for graphics08:35
DocScrutinizer05larsc: ((ALSA)) indeed21:27
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