#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2016-05-17

wpwrakhmm, fun things when trying to convert an ubuntu desktop into a server installation: all went remarkably smoothly, except: kernel does't seem to know the wlan chip, and - to add a little challenge - has no keyboard driver.00:19
kyakwpwrak: don't you know that you need no keyboard on server? :)05:20
kyakand wlan - it's for humble users05:20
wpwrakkyak: yeah, i must have totally misread the zeitgeist. you don't pay attention for a couple of days, and poof ...08:16
wpwrakgoogling suggests that there may be some linux-image-extra-*-generic package missing. the fun bit will be to install it. ought to be possible to do it from the boot command line, right ? :)08:19
--- Wed May 18 201600:00

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