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eintopfthey told the most are in african13:25
eintopfand it's difficult to get them because war13:25
eintopfanother question13:25
eintopfwhat are the benefits exactly smd led and a normal led13:25
eintopfexcept the form factor13:25
whitequarkeintopf: there's the congo minerals13:26
whitequarkbut congo doesn't contain *most* tantalum, neither it even supplies the majority of it used today13:26
whitequarktypical telly fud13:26
whitequarkand there's no difference except the form factor13:27
eintopfyea, but mean "bloody hands" in this case because the situation13:28
eintopfhow to get the resource, child work, not safety13:29
eintopfnow I never wants to buy a new smartphone13:29
eintopfand the google guy already laughed about me because I have currently an old nexus 413:30
eintopfwith half broken display13:30
whitequarkthat picture is bullshit13:30
whitequarkjust like anything else with extraordinary claims and no sources13:30
eintopfI saw this documentation13:31
eintopfbut it's in german13:31
eintopfthey told the same, it's like blood diamonds but they name it blood minerals13:32
whitequarkI don't know german unfortunately13:32
whitequarkyes, blood minerals, conflict minerals, etc, are a problem that exists13:32
whitequarkDRC coltan is the major manifestation13:32
whitequarkhowever, there are regulations in place in EU and US that require tracking the supply chain of coltan, likewise with diamonds13:33
eintopfI see13:33
whitequarkso saying that iphones rely on conflict tantalum is incorrect13:33
whitequarkwhat *is* correct is that iphones are assembled on a foxconn factory with ~400 suicides per year13:33
whitequarkwell, probably lower now, since there was an outrage over this, but I doubt the conditions there improved all that much13:34
eintopfand another question about wire, I have some of these magnetic wire13:36
whitequarkyou mean varnish-covered magnet wire?13:36
eintopfI need to google it, wait13:36
eintopfit looks exactly like that, when I solder at the line the isolation will be gone13:36
whitequarkI recommend clearing the varnish before soldering, it can interfere with forming of the joint13:37
eintopfbut I think it has a different name13:37
whitequarkburn it off with cigarette lighter. sandpaper also works in a pinch, but much slower13:37
whitequarkit's also called "transformer wire"13:38
eintopfcan I use that wire also when it lays inside a electric cicruit?13:38
eintopfon some board components, etc13:38
whitequarkkeep in mind that sharply bending it will flake off the varnish13:38
eintopfah, not bending it. Ok13:39
whitequarkfor a thin hookup wire, I recommend PTFE-coated wire13:39
eintopfand these are so small, I could use them directly @ smd led13:39
eintopfor should I use "kynar wire"13:41
eintopfbecause all people use kynar wire13:41
whitequarkkynar is another fluorinated polymer13:42
whitequarkshould be at least as good as PTFE13:42
whitequarkso go ahead13:42
whitequarkpvdf (kynar) to ptfe is what pvc is to pe13:43
whitequarkgenerally... all fluorinated polymers offer excellent physical and chemical resistance13:45
whitequarkas long as cost allows i always prefer them13:46
rohis pvdf also self-lubricating?13:59
rohlike ptfe and pom :)14:00
whitequarkno idea here14:30
whitequarklooks like not14:31
DocScrutinizer05((foxconn factory with ~400 suicides per year)) they mounted nets so jumping out the window doesn't work anymore for suicide15:36
DocScrutinizer05dunno if they also did anything else to actually improve the situation, prolly not15:37
whitequarkI think they made some minor concessions15:57
whitequarkbut that doesn't really change anything15:57
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: btw, import feature almost ready to ship...15:57
whitequarkin solvespace15:57
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