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wpwrakgrmbl. my server (and thus all my mail, anelok.com, etc.) is down for hours. now i find out that support isn't even quite sure how to check its status. i wonder in what sort of dungeon they may be keeping it ...04:01
whitequarkwhat host?04:11
wpwrakalmesberger.net aka anelok.com / anelok.pw and a few other names that aren't in common use. a dedicated server at amhosting.04:13
whitequarkhm, never heard of that04:13
whitequarkwpwrak: DocScrutinizer51: some improvement to solvespace rendering: http://fehu.whitequark.org/files/tmp/hiddenline.gif04:13
whitequark(and of course it can be exported to PDF just as it is on the screen)04:13
wpwrak(solvespace) cute :)04:14
whitequarkimproves legibility quite a bit and of course lets me export decent-ish shop drawings04:14
whitequarki'm nearing the point where the shop won't reject them outright and insist on redoing everything themselves in solidworks :p04:14
wpwrakdo you have automatic measurements, like i do in fped ? i.e., measurements that are attached to model features and are updated when the construction / parameters change(s) ?04:15
whitequarkreference dimensions04:15
whitequarkthey work just like regular parametric dimensions, but the direction of information flow is reversed04:15
whitequarkright now it's not always convenient to use them though since they can only be attached to "entities"04:16
whitequarki.e. a curve that was explicitly drawn or derived from another curve during extrusion or lathe operation04:16
whitequarkas opposed to attaching them to arbitrary points of interest on the geometry04:16
whitequarkat some point i would like to derive entities from geometry, but this requires a much tigher integration of the NURBS engine with the solver04:17
whitequarkright now the solver and the entity system lives in one corner and the NURBS engine is completely independent from it04:17
whitequark(and there's also a mesh engine, for tricky cases where NURBS engine does a stupid thing)04:18
whitequarkand of course you cannot reasonably feed back the triangle mesh into the solver04:18
whitequarkthere's also that dream of not using opencascade that i have...04:19
whitequarkcurrently the plan is to pluck the algorithms from opencascade, without dragging all the millions of LOC of horribleness with them04:20
whitequarkbut it'll take many months04:20
wpwrakpheew. that might indeed be quite a bit of work04:21
whitequarkit's actually less work than it might look at first04:21
whitequarkbut it's a lot04:21
whitequarkfortunately, we (m-labs) have hired a rather talented graphics programmer04:22
whitequarkwho has done the feature above and many more04:22
whitequarkhe's already done some things i haven't really considered possible04:23
wpwrakdoes the solver also work in 3D or only in 2D ? e.g., could you have it find, say, a point or pair of points that has given distances a, b, and c from three points A, B, C in space ?04:23
whitequarkwhen you work in workplane it actually uses the 3d equations for everything, but locks one of the coordinates04:23
whitequark(or uses a more complex equation if the workplane is not parallel to axes)04:23
wpwrak(m-labs) aah, that's how you ended up in hkg of all places :)04:23
wpwrak(3d) nice !04:24
whitequarkwell, i also considered jane street04:24
whitequarkyeah, the author of solvespace wrote a 2d solver previously and he was dissatisfied with it04:24
whitequarkwhich is how solvespace was born04:24
whitequarkyou can actually mix and match working in 3d and workplane quite easily04:25
whitequarke.g. you can draw a profile for extrusion in workplane but have construction lines in 3d in the same group04:25
whitequarkit's very unobtrustive04:25
wpwraksounds good. one of these days i really need to give it a spin.04:27
whitequarkyou do :)04:27
wpwrakhm,, still no sign of my poor little server :( support said the case was escalated to the admins as "emergency". of course, for all i know, that may be the base level ...04:28
wpwrak"emergency" = goes right to the trash folder; "global zombie apocalypse" = ignore; "nearby supernova explosion" = read and delete, taking no further action; "galactic collision" = send standard excuse from the BOFH files; "universe collapses into strange matter" = send customized excuse; "continuum underlying the time-space continua of the multiverses collapses" = turn it off then on again. etc.04:33
whitequarkgranted, galactic collisions are incredibly mild events05:03
wpwrakin terms of overall consequences or in terms of urgency ? :)05:07
wpwrakhmm, the joy of having an old server: "After looking at your server it appears to have a hardware failure that will not be able to be fixed until tomorrow morning due to getting the necessary parts." 05:13
wpwrakguess the museum store isn't open 24/7.05:13
wpwraklet's hope it's just the power supply or such, not the disk.05:14
whitequarkdid you make backups?05:16
wpwrakthe really critical stuff is duplicated, but scattered over numerous places.05:17
wpwrakalso, if they set up a new machine, some of the truly ancient things (sendmail.cf and such) may need redoing05:18
whitequarki just roll encrypted backups onto amazon glacier every night05:19
whitequarkit costs me like... 78 cents per month05:19
whitequarki don't know why amazon bothers to charge my card. i'm pretty sure the payment processor fees are larger than that05:19
wpwrakhmm, that looks interesting indeed. so you keep ">= 50%" (adjust for compression) of your disk free, tar.foo everything up, then push the tar.foo to amazon ?05:25
whitequarkI use duplicity, which handles incremental backups05:25
whitequarkand encryption05:25
whitequarkbut yeah, you do need some free space. of course duplicity is smart enough to not back up /tmp and other such caches 05:26
whitequarklike /var/cache/apt/archives :)05:26
wpwrak(duplicity) ah, i guess this may come in handy: https://sedden.github.io/blog/2015/11/11/backup-to-amazon-s3-glacier-with-duplicity/05:26
wpwrakkewl. i'll look into this once my server has risen from the ashes again.05:28
wpwrakhmm. germany, quo vadis ? first volkswagen, now they're faking controls at nuclear plants: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Auch-im-AKW-Biblis-wurden-Pruefungen-vorgetaeuscht-3175242.html07:19
eintopfnuclear plants, mhh07:21
eintopfthe english word is weird07:21
eintopfah, I translated it with "Pflanzen"07:22
wpwrakyes, that could be one of the results ;-)07:24
wpwrakalways check your salad with a geiger counter before eating it :)07:24
eintopfwpwrak: Biblis is my next nuclear plant08:02
eintopfso argentinia has three08:15
eintopfone ractor is named "Atucha 2/Kirchner"08:15
eintopfisn't that the (old) president?08:15
eintopfI hope we have a reactor named "merkel"08:16
wpwrakChermany I08:25
eintopfwpwrak: with new president, do you think argentinia gets better times08:27
eintopfbut maybe the current times are already good08:27
wpwrakoh yes, i'm rather optimistic about the future08:31
wpwrakbut this year will still be bad for most people. worse than last. but the government is making sound economical decisions. it'll take a while until they produce improvements, and until then they make things worse. e.g., energy and transportation prices went up a lot08:33
wpwrakbut they used to be absurdly low, kept that way with enormous subsidies. money that basically came from inflation.08:34
eintopfah ok.08:35
eintopfif you asking me, I am for "wpwrak for president"08:36
wpwraknaw, now i we have a government where i don't think every day that i could do a better job than them :)08:36
wpwrakthe last one acted a bit like beavis and butthead, so ...08:37
eintopfI am too young to know "beavis and butthead", I know them and also saw them inside tv08:39
eintopfbut didn't listen to it08:39
eintopfbecause, too young. I played gameboy that time08:39
wpwrakthat's more wholesome content :)08:41
wpwrakanyway, the evil day-star is about to rise. time to crawl to bed. 08:46
eintopfgood night08:48
wpwrakhmm, impeachment discussion in congress in brazil. currently a very animated speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPFQuh4YUe815:11
eintopfwpwrak: hey, you need sleep!15:14
eintopfor maybe partytime15:14
eintopfi heard in buenos aires is 24h party15:14
wpwraknaw, lunch and then a nap sound good. seems that nothing too urgent will happen today. traffic in the city has collapsed due to taxi drivers protesting against the arrival of Uber. and there's pretty heavy rain every once in a while anyway. perfect for a siesta :)15:17
wpwrakhmm, server is more sick that they expected. it'll be new hardware then ...22:35
rohbe wpwrak 22:41
rohwhich one... qi-hw?22:41
wpwraknaw, almesberger.net aka anelok.com, etc.22:43
wpwrakso my mails are now being queued at the respective senders, etc.22:43
wpwraksince the box will be all-new, i guess i should drop that ancient sendmail.cf as well. it has served me well over the last, uh, ~25 years, but sometimes it's just time for a new beginning.22:45
wpwrakwhat's the current best choice for MTAs if you don't need fancy or historical ? (UUCP, remember%the.old@days.foo, and all that)22:47
wpwrakwell, s/best/lazy admin's/ :)22:48
rohwpwrak: postfix or exim23:15
wpwrakfor maximizing laziness, which is better ?23:16
rohi guess it doesnt matter much as long as you use the distro foo23:16
wpwrakkewl. so let's see which has the best quick start guide ...23:17
rohwhich one? ubuntu/debian? go with what it gives you by default (which is either exim or postfix)23:17
wpwrakubuntu server. dunno what it has as default, if any23:19
wpwrakhmm, this sounds useful: http://www.nmmm.nu/postfix.htm23:21
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