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larscwpwrak: if you had to choose a MCU for ATUSB again, do you think something better is available these days?18:32
wpwraklarsc: i'd use a kinetis L series, like for anelok. ARM, more everything (RAM, Flash, speed, etc.), cheaper18:36
wpwrakplan B would be to pick one of the ones that integrate an ARM and 802.15.4 radio from atmel18:37
wpwraksome ATSAMR2118:39
wpwrakdisadvantage: new chip to get familiar with18:40
larscno integrated radio18:41
wpwraklarsc: i shall now leave you in the capable hands of eintopf, linux's 802.15.4 czar :)18:45
eintopfno :(18:46
eintopfI have no idea about electronic18:46
wpwraklarsc: and yes, without radio, the kinetis are definitely worth looking at. there's also the lpc series from nxp, with somewhat similar features.18:48
larscok, thanks18:48
DocScrutinizer05unrelated: lowest BOM FM receiver ever http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/images/7/70/Grove_-_FM_Receiver_v1.0_sch_pdf.pdf23:35
wpwraklooks like another fine example showing that you can either use eagle or have decent-looking schematics, but not both at the same time23:46
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