#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2016-01-31

ysionneauayaka: ViXs , Zenverge01:54
arossdotmewhich is beter bass or nickel plated for an binding terminal + 4mm banana Socket?04:26
ayakaysionneau, I see, but isn't OMAP in Ti dead?06:21
ysionneauayaka: yes it is11:54
ysionneaumaybe have a look at the davinci chips11:55
ayakaso the davinci serial is still alive?11:56
ayakaysionneau, and after freescale has acquired zenverge, which is the serial name?11:57
ysionneauno idea about the davinci series11:57
ysionneauoh zenverge has been aquired, I didn't know that11:57
ysionneauI guess you know better than me then :)11:58
ysionneaumy knowledge of this field is 4 years old11:58
ayakaysionneau, no you know much vendor than me11:59
ayakaysionneau, thank you very much12:10
ysionneauno problem!12:11
DocScrutinizer05welcome back leguin tepper, weber12:31
--- Mon Feb 1 201600:00

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