#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2016-01-16

arossdotmethe trouble with rc packs is there more expensive due to the extra high discharge01:00
arossdotmeDocScrutinizer05, those cheaper lg cells  are 3.6v02:33
arossdotmethe older technology i believe, yet they say 4.2max... :/02:34
arossdotme4.2v max02:34
arossdotme /end charge voltage02:34
arossdotmeif i have 4S + 3P or better 4P then i think it should be up to powering the 15amp_fused_ amp :)03:36
arossdotmeall starts adding up... ekk03:36
arossdotmefrankly the batt weight compared to the size of the speakers is not a too big problem03:37
arossdotmeso might as well go for 4S3P03:38
arossdotmeor get more efferent speakers and spend less on batts :) but then the speakers are even bigger... hay03:40
arossdotmeill take that back you can get same price range rc batts if you look at 10c ones04:36
whitequarkDocScrutinizer51: re paypal trouble: a good idea is to send everyone their PayPal transaction ID21:14
whitequarkbecause it has happened months ago and there is no search in the paypal interface21:14
whitequarkso I have no option short of going through all transactions manually21:14
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