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arossdotme-planbthis 20Ah usb power bank is stupidly cheep, i guess they have been sitting around and now they are selling them off http://www.mymemory.co.uk/Portable-Power/Dianlang/Dianlang-Gigantic-20%2C000-mAh-Dual-Portable-Power-Bank01:41
arossdotme-planbim trying to work out if it multiple cells or one huge cell? as if its multiple, i would like to reconfigure it into a high voltage battery. like 14.8v pack ideally :D01:43
arossdotme-planbwith a rc batt alarm in case of unbalance cockup }:)01:44
whitequark18650 cells inside01:49
whitequarkvery very shitty 18650 cells, not worth the money01:49
whitequarkeven the little money it costs01:49
whitequarklooks like six 18650 cells01:51
arossdotme-planbwhitequark, how did you find out?05:16
arossdotme-planbbtw mymemory are a err popular company here in the uk05:16
arossdotme-planbthanks muchly also05:17
whitequarkbecause all those powerbanks use 18650 cells...05:18
whitequarkthe dimensions fit, too05:18
arossdotme-planbhow shitty will they be?05:35
arossdotme-planbi expect that they have aged. i think i remember it costing a lot more a year ago...05:35
arossdotme-planbshitty as in they will kill me or as in they cant output many amps?05:37
whitequarkshitty as in they're like 1/5 of the stated capacity05:52
whitequarkli-ion got really cheap lately due to whatever economic effect it is05:52
whitequarkbut that is still *too* cheap05:52
whitequarklook up panasonic 18650be, those are good cells05:53
arossdotme-planb ok, thanks again, love ya :)05:55
arossdotme-planbwhitequark, the trouble is finding a place the sells them in the uk... or a shop abroad that can ship them to the uk dispute air-post restrictions13:27
whitequarkarossdotme-planb: i have no doubt you'll find some place, 18650s are incredibly common19:47
whitequarkamazon: 1-16 of 27,264 results for "18650"20:03
arossdotme-planbyea, ending up looking on amazon, but most of them are for small quantitys. there are results like this http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0180T7O6U/ref=twister_dp_update?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 and other sellers have multiable options for buying 1-10 with didiscountor multi-buy20:10
arossdotme-planbps. £40 for 8. is that a good deal or fake crap? when it looks like its £60 for 10.20:11
arossdotme-planbI assume that its best that i buy a pack of batts so there hopfully from the same batch20:16
whitequark£40 for 8 sounds about right £40 for 820:18
whitequarkthese are with integrated protection too20:19
arossdotme-planbso then this site is over priced then http://www.ebatterys.co.uk/panasonic-18650-battery-cell-c-47296.html20:21
arossdotme-planbguess from your link that they dont need to say Panasonic then, ok20:36
arossdotme-planbany cautions about laptop/drill  packs?20:37
arossdotme-planbi guess i dont know what mah cells they have20:38
arossdotme-planbread something about laptop batt pack manufactors getting all the latest best batts20:38
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