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contrapunctusI saw a few 'DIY smartphone' sort of projects and decided that I want to give it a shot as well. However, AFAICS they are all based on the Raspberry Pi, which leads to predictably fat devices. I understand that a DIY attempt won't be half as sleek as a commercial offering, but I'd still like it to be atleast a little thinner. What boards would be recommended, keeping that in mind? The RPi Zero seems the right size but seems to require03:47
contrapunctusclosed-source software to run.03:47
contrapunctusfolks? anyone?04:11
kristianpaulcontrapunctus: whatsup?05:41
kristianpauli dont recomend, but there are interesting projects raising as c.h.i.p and redphone, they worth taking a look, but you there are always caveats05:44
kristianpaulalso you wont be getting anything floss when is about GSM/LTE hardware :-)05:44
contrapunctushey, kristianpaul , thanks05:59
contrapunctushm, that sucks :\05:59
kristianpaulcontrapunctus: yes it does :p14:45
kristianpauland think about the networks etc..14:46
contrapunctusdat lag :D14:46
contrapunctuskristianpaul: 'networks etc'?14:46
kristianpaulcontrapunctus: even if you implement a open base band for your gsm/lte stack15:00
kristianpaulthen you need a network15:00
kristianpaulwhats what i meant15:00
contrapunctuskristianpaul: hm, I know just about nothing regarding telephony, so I don't get you - I'll read up on those terms, though, thanks.15:13
kristianpaulah ok15:16
kristianpaulsorry i misundertood the question then15:16
contrapunctuskristianpaul: I suppose I could look into reverse-engineering any closed-source components down the line.15:18
kristianpaulor implement new methods, everything is up to you and you resources15:19
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