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wpwrakxiangfu: i have a neo900 question for you: a while ago you said you found some sources for refurbished neo900s. do you recall roughly how many units (in total) you found back then ? i seem to vaguely remember that it may have been 1000, but i'm not sure.02:50
xiangfuwpwrak: Hi04:53
wpwrakxiangfu: heya !04:58
wpwrakxiangfu: do you still remember that number ?05:02
xiangfuwpwrak: I double check the NEO900, it is hard to buy them right now.05:04
xiangfuwpwrak: it is not as easy as before.05:04
xiangfuwpwrak: I can find some, <100.05:04
wpwrakerr, sorry, that was refurbished n900 of course. for refurb neo900, we'd need a time machine ;-)05:05
wpwrak< 100 sounds bad :( any hope that more will turn up ?05:06
xiangfusomeone can make the case. but the price is not cheap. the takes about two or three week.05:07
wpwrak2-3 weeks is nothing ;-)05:08
wpwrak(price not cheap) what kind of numbers would that be ?05:09
xiangfuI need to checkout again.05:10
xiangfuI can working on that this week. then keep you update.05:10
wpwrakgreat, thanks a lot !05:10
CYB3RHi all!23:11
CYB3RI'm now booting JZ4725B with jzboot. Anyone got working kernel to boot on it?23:12
CYB3RThis is what I got on UART so far: https://gist.github.com/tpimh/b5c34161f6d1bfb72c4823:14
mthyou could try whether a Dingoo A320 (jz4740) kernel will do anything: http://www.treewalker.org/opendingux/23:21
CYB3Rmth: what commandline should I use with this kernel to get output on UART?23:32
CYB3ROpenDingux kernels seem to be of raw type and jzboot wants to load ELF, this might be a problem23:33
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