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wpwrakdjb is fun: "There are many choices of elliptic-curve signature systems. The standard choice, ECDSA, is reasonable if you don't care about simplicity, speed, and security."17:19
eintopfwpwrak: I heard that you should not trust NIST curves17:21
eintopfbecause they work together with NSA, etc :-/17:21
eintopfso big companies says "oh yes we use NIST curve xy, it's a well known standard curve"17:22
eintopfbut real users should not trust them :-/17:22
wpwrakhmm, i think he may go beyond just NIST curves. but i have to admit that i haven't carefully read let alone understood the article: http://blog.cr.yp.to/20140323-ecdsa.html17:24
eintopfwpwrak: I had a course about cryptography at my university and I don't know nothing about cryptography for sure17:28
eintopfbut what I learned was that the deffie hellman algorithm on in german "Restklassenring"(some algebra with modulo and such things) can be adapted on elliptic-curve algebra17:30
eintopfand then some algorithmn to crack deffie hellman is more complex by doing it on elliptic-curve algebra17:31
wpwrakECDH. About 268,000 results (0.46 seconds)  :)17:31
eintopfah, the problem to crack Deffie hellman is discrete logarithmn17:32
eintopfhttps://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Index-Calculus-Algorithmus - that was the algorithmn which you can't easily use in elliptic-curve17:32
eintopfsomething like that17:33
wpwrakah i understand it, the main advantage of EC is that you need a lot fewer bits for the same kind of operations17:34
wpwrake.g., RSA is getting ridiculous, with keys sometimes getting as large as 1 kB (well, that's still mainly for the tin-hat faction, but the rest is just 1-2 binary orders of magnitude behind)17:35
eintopfyes, that's why it's interessting for mcu's17:36
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