#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2015-11-09

larscviric: so you guys are having a party now, or what?18:56
wpwraklarsc: i'm not sure if they're likely to celebrate victory before the war madrid seems to be determined to have ...19:04
DocScrutinizer05hey, I'd like to discuss an idea about blister packages (transparent plastic shit). One of the purposes of that stuff is theft protection, that's why they are extremely hard to open. My idea: instead of welding the package to seal it, install a latch that grips into a hole or whatever so you need to press down the latch to open the blister container. Now that would be very easy and not protect from theft after opening the blister. 19:53
DocScrutinizer05The new detail: have stuff like bubblefoil under the latch so you need to pop each bubble to press the latch down. Popping the bubbles should be so hard that you can't pop more than one at same time, so to open you first need to pop maybe 6 or 8 bubbles which makes a loud sound and alerts any personal in a shop. For packaging at factory, you could use pressure chambers which make the bubbles shrink simply by ambient air pressure, so 19:53
DocScrutinizer05the blister can get closed - of course other methods for packaging that bubblefoil blister are possible19:53
larscpre-war party to get the spirits up20:11
eintopfah, the after conference part at ELCE. I never trunk so much guiness at once20:34
eintopfwas a wonder that I found the bus20:35
wpwraksurvival instinct. in many places of the world, mild alcohol was often the only kind of water that would't make you sick. of course, alcohol gets you drunk. so people had to learn to be able to still function while drunk. natural selection must have assisted massively in that learning process.20:47
larsceintopf: where you on the last bus as well?20:50
eintopfcould be20:52
eintopfI saw my co-worker in the bus, but was searching others20:52
eintopfthen I symbolize to check the smartphone for my messages20:52
eintopfand then 10 hackers looks at the smartphone20:52
eintopfI think it was the last bus20:53
larscwell I guess we narrowly missed each other20:54
eintopfand I have still the 802.15.4 I don't forgot it... at the moment I do much higher level things20:55
eintopfthe adf... transceiver20:59
eintopfwhy they have all such names which I can't remember and even don't pronounce in english20:59
larscpretty easy21:01
viriclarsc: a bit :)21:03
viricwpwrak: we will see21:03
viriceverything is quite quiet21:03
eintopfah 4221:04
eintopfat the end21:04
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