#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2015-11-08

rjeffriesNew Blackberry Priv is a very nice pocket computer with a great slide-out keyboard. It's not cheap, and uses Android.15:19
rjeffriesIf one imagines an open software system (Debian or similar) on that hardware platform it would be a lovely device.15:19
rjeffriesI understand that the lack of open hardware will make this a non-starter for many who read this, I get it. I'm simply saying it is a sweet and well-executed platform.15:20
whitequarkAndroid is not any less open than Debian if you use CyanogenMod15:21
whitequarkand way more usable15:21
arossdotmesurly corsair usb flash drives are back words compatible with usb 1.1? they dont say, they promote backwards compatibly with usb 2 for there usb 3 drivesible-wit21:41
arossdotmeany thoughts on 2rd hand flash drives? http://www.scan.co.uk/products/256gb-corsair-flash-voyager-slider-usb-30-pendrive-usb-30-interface-capless-backwards-compatible-wit21:42
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