#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2015-11-07

rjeffries(muses) I wonder how many Ben NanoNote devices remain in service?14:18
wpwrakmust be hundreds. i use mine mainly to drive circuits. basically do the things others use raspberries and such for14:40
whitequarkhow many were ever made?14:43
wpwraki think something around 2k14:48
viricin service?14:50
viricI guess mine works14:50
viricI did not switch it on the last year.14:51
arossdotmerjeffries, i use mine for notes and listening music20:54
arossdotmehnb + keyboard works great :D. i also use bard for listening to books or looking/leaning drama scripts20:55
rjeffriesnow if we had Linux on Blackberry Priv.. wow. That's a sweet keyboard, and touch screen is also available.21:30
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