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arossdotmei have a rc battery charger. i have a old never used laptop battery li-ion 11.1V 6000mha. there is not li-ion 11.1v charge mode only for li-po. do i use li-po mode on a li-ion pack? or is the vottage on the pack missleading and i should use the li-on 10.4v or 14.somethingV mode to charge it?15:12
arossdotmealso i see this laptop pack has a ti monitor chip but the sets of 3 cells that are in parrell. and each set is conencted in seriels is not monitored buy the ti monitor chip but by a seporate board. there is only 2 power wires going to the ouput/ ti monitor chip. so do i need to connect the cell sets to the balance input of the rc charger? as it looks like it has its only protection circuit.15:14
arossdotmeso i belive i just connect the main 11.1v pwr wires to the charger and not the cell sets to the balance input/monitoring of the rc charger15:16
whitequarkthere is no difference in chemistry between li-ion and li-po15:17
arossdotmeand li-on is the same as li-ion?15:18
whitequarkthere is no "li-on" batteries15:18
arossdotmeso that is just my china chargers miss spelling :)15:18
arossdotmethought i didnt remmber being a li-on15:19
arossdotmebut didnt li-ion and li-po have different end charge voltage15:19
arossdotmeli-ion 4.1 vs 4.2li-po15:19
arossdotmebtw thanks muchly whitequark15:29
arossdotmebeen a great help, i guess is there no diff in chemistry then there should not be a diff in volts. its just i thought iremmber there being ones withh a 0.1v  lower max volt.....?15:31
wpwrakhmm ... chinese + li-on ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion-Eating_Poet_in_the_Stone_Den15:31
larscthat does not sound healthy16:46
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