#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2015-11-03

--- Tue Nov 3 201500:00
wpwrakshit. spammers are using my openmoko address as From :-(11:19
virice-mail should die11:23
wpwrakyes, let's all use facebook ;-)11:24
virice-mail problems should happen more often11:25
viricthen we would switch to something better :)11:25
whitequarkit is really quite telling that there's hardly anything better than email11:26
viricfor some (very few, in fact, one) communications I use pond11:28
viricI like it, but I'm quite biased :)11:29
paul_boddiewpwrak: Try enabling Sender Policy Framework (SPF) support in your DNS records.12:13
wpwrakhmm, does anyone with access to openmoko.org DNS hear this ? :)12:15
larscI think the server is selfmanaged these days12:17
wpwrakthe rise of the machines hath begun12:20
paul_boddieAt some point, the backscatter began on my domain, and SPF sorted it out completely.12:22
sb0facebook? nah. you can still access that with a browser. did you mean whatsapp or wechat, that requires a proprietary client?15:44
wpwrakmuch better ! could we perhaps also have some platform restriction, like apple only ? :)15:46
sb0sure, those only work with android and ios15:46
sb0even the web/desktop version of whatsapp requires you to scan a qr-code with the proprietary client15:47
wpwraknice. let's add a little subscription fee, payable with paypal only. just to make sure.15:51
--- Wed Nov 4 201500:00

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