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zrafadoes somebody know synopsys custom designer software?00:59
zrafawhat is exactly that? does somebody know some open source replacement for that kind of software synopsys sells'01:00
wpwrakyou mean this ? http://www.synopsys.com/Tools/Implementation/CustomImplementation/Pages/CustomDesignerLE.aspx02:35
wpwrakkicad comes to mind as a replacement :)02:36
wpwrakwell, maybe not. "nanometer" suggests it's about making chips, not circuits02:36
wpwrakthis list may have something: http://www.vlsitechnology.org/html/ic_software.html02:38
wpwrakbuilding a chip factory ? :)02:38
wpwrakmore stuff: http://electronicsforu.com/electronicsforu/circuitarchives/view_article.asp?sno=1666&id=1275302:41
zrafa http://www.vlsitechnology.org/html/ic_software.html02:52
zrafait seems to be an old list02:52
zrafayeah, i meant synopsys.com02:53
wpwrakhmm, yes, 200702:53
zrafasoftware. at engineering faculty02:53
zrafawill be a HUGE BIGGEST BEST congress02:53
zrafanext year02:53
zrafaand they will pay students around AR02:53
zrafatransport and hostel02:54
zrafato do the GREAT courses02:54
zrafaabout nano micro chips 02:54
zrafaof course, they asked me if our labs is okey to run virtualbox with synopsys and similar propietary software02:55
zrafawhich is free for the courses02:55
wpwraki remember there's also some french-made chip design system. i think it's alliance: https://soc-extras.lip6.fr/en/alliance-abstract-en/02:55
zrafabecause the professor of the courses will be people from synopsys.com who will come to ARG02:55
zrafajust for this congress02:55
wpwrakwow :)02:55
zrafathen that did to rememeber me the RMS words02:56
zrafaabout free (gratis) propietary software for students02:56
zrafain education02:56
wpwrakfree opium ;-)02:56
zrafawhich of course is not free after they get the degreee02:56
zrafaand then now I feeel a little bad if I colaborate with that congress like I promised to the engineering faculty 02:58
wpwrakthis one looks like fun. good luck remembering all the (100+, it seems) color codes ;-) http://opencircuitdesign.com/magic/03:00
zrafaOf course, electronic people here do not know anything about open source. So they feel that they are winning the heaven with the huGE effort they do to get all the money to pay the transport and hostel for the students for the courses03:00
wpwrakyou could do some intro courses a few months before. so all the students will ask how they can map their alliance/magic/etc. workflow to the synopsys tools ;)03:00
wpwrakthis may also be useful: http://ilin.asee.org/Conference2010/Papers/A1_Liu_Anan.pdf03:05
kyakis there a single production chip out there made with open source tools only?04:18
kyakhow many open source chips do you know?04:18
kyakthese are the questions you should ask before feeling bad about collaboration with these proprietrary vendors04:20
wpwrakkyak: if there is one, it means that you can feel confident for you have a proof of concept; if there are many, you can feel confident because it's a well-established process; if there is none, you should be ecstatic for you'll do truly pioneering work. a win-win-win scenario :)06:42
wpwrakbesides, they've been at some of those tools for a long time. so there must be at least a bunch of chips from academic projects.06:43
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