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nicksydneythis looks interesting https://blackmesalabs.wordpress.com/2015/08/30/mesa-video-800x600-digital-video-for-arduinos-over-2-wire-serial-mesa-bus/ 11:23
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak: http://imgur.com/gallery/ApjTk :-)13:41
DocScrutinizer05whitequark: ((remember you argued about incandescent vs CFL/LED)) I don't remember, but my general take on that is: you better use incandescent light than a mere heater-blower for heating, isnce the light can do really valuable work and in the end the heating effect per kWh is the same13:43
DocScrutinizer05why just heat your flat with electricity when you can heat *and* grow cabbage with same amount of electricity13:44
DocScrutinizer05or you use a heat pump (inverse AirCon) and multiply the efficiency by factor 2 roughly13:45
DocScrutinizer05an electric heater is about the most wasteful inefficient device you could come up with - it uses the most expensive energy to produce the least valuable result from it13:47
DocScrutinizer05but yes, you better use any other energy than electricity for heating purposes13:47
DocScrutinizer05ideally use heat that's "waste" otherwise and elsewhere, like the heat they need to get rid of in steel cooking or whatever industry13:49
DocScrutinizer05this also is the idea behind incandescent lamps (except for my shower heater which I planned to build from a 200 incandescent lamps instead of a heater-blower)13:50
DocScrutinizer05I'm not really interested in the light they produce. But then this whole thing would operate only a 10 min per day13:50
DocScrutinizer05and I'm pissed that incandescent lamps are no longer available for such purposes where I explicitly want to use them for heating13:51
DocScrutinizer05the result is: I'm not building this fast-kick-in heater and thus have to keep my bathroom at 20°C all the time since the normal heating takes literally hours to heat it up only ^°C13:53
DocScrutinizer05which costs me real money for the wasted energy13:54
wpwrak(a330) best comment: "That's a terrible thing to have happen on your last day of work."14:13
wpwrakpity the pix don't show the tail number14:15
kristianpaulphew, i will not trust usb storage anymore :p22:04
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