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wpwrakwelcome back, world ! :)02:42
wpwrak(pronunciation of "wpwrak") i'd just pronounce it as if it was a regular german word. sounds bumpy and ugly, but given that it's mainly optimized for uniqueness, that ought to be fine :)04:22
DocScrutinizer05err I fail to speak "wpwrak"04:56
DocScrutinizer054 consonants :-o04:56
DocScrutinizer05"wepewrak" would work04:57
wpwrakyeah, it's an effort to make it to he bonus vowel ;-)04:57
DocScrutinizer05even wepwrak04:58
wpwrakmaybe think of "wpwrak" as a stifled burp ;)04:58
DocScrutinizer05"wp" is unspeakable04:58
wpwrakthink "whip" and delete the "i" :)04:58
DocScrutinizer05maybe provide a audio for the pronunciation05:00
DocScrutinizer05on an unrelated topic I think I cought a slight cold in the night of tuesday to wednesday. which comes in handy for finishing the whole camp infra etc05:02
wpwrakindeed :) i'm kinda surprised i didn't get one of my own05:17
nicksydneysomething cool to build http://imgur.com/a/DyQZL 06:00
DocScrutinizer05xiangfu: HI!06:29
DocScrutinizer05hi! (sorry capslock)06:30
xiangfuDocScrutinizer05: Hi08:08
larsceintopf: so, you want a adf7242?16:03
eintopflarsc: I got a offer that somebody will give me a adf7242, but I am also happy to maintain at86rf2xx and to work with mrf24jFOOBAR18:09
eintopfand of course work with atusb18:09
eintopfnot important, I will keep to work with at86rf2xx, mrf24jFOOBAR and atusb. It's still hard to keep everything up-to-date to the recent mainline state18:10
eintopfso they have the latest greatest features18:11
eintopfhere my work for the mrfj24FOOBAR18:12
eintopfI say foobar because I can't remember the last numbers18:12
eintopfmrf24j40 ist the transceiver18:13
eintopfbut there exists mrf24j40ma and mrf24j40mc, etc some different boards18:13
eintopfwith amplifier or not18:13
larsceintopf: that somebody is boss, your adf7242 is on my desk, I'll ship it on monday18:15
larscis my boss18:15
eintopfand why do you know my name >:-|18:15
larscI expected it to be you18:16
eintopfdoes your company like to have the driver mainline?18:17
larscthat was always the paln18:17
eintopfyea but mainline is also not quite now, it's better than when the project was linux-zigbee18:19
eintopfdepends many people (inclusive myslef) have more effort to implement 6lowpan18:19
eintopfthe address family 802.15.4 is still somewhat broken at some places18:19
eintopfbut we working on this18:20
eintopfthe project grabs now some frameworks from wireless18:20
eintopflarsc: how easily is it to connect some wires on the transceiver?18:23
eintopfdoes it has some female connecters18:23
eintopfI don't want to solder here much18:23
eintopfand I am very bad in soldering18:23
larscit's a male header18:24
larscwhat baseboard do you want to use?18:25
eintopfI have some beaglebones here and raspberry pi's18:28
eintopfand I have wires18:28
larscwe tested it ith the pi18:28
eintopfin diffent colors male<->male, female<->male18:28
larscyou'll need 7 wires. 4 for SPI, a interrupt and VCC and GND18:28
eintopfVCC is 3.3?18:29
eintopfand when I have other questions to things what the datasheet doesn't say anything. I can ask you?18:30
eintopfthis looks beautiful18:32
eintopfthe most people @linux-wpan use these transceivers http://openlabs.co/store/Raspberry-Pi-802.15.4-radio18:32
eintopfI think the price is 1 cent cheaper each day18:32
eintopfand currently I think this man need to produce many of them because - https://lists.riot-os.org/pipermail/devel/2015-August/002858.html18:33
eintopfbut the price is okay18:33
eintopfI heard the eval board of adf7242 cost much18:34
Action: eintopf never looked what it costs18:34
eintopflarsc: does the adf7242 have one frame buffer only?18:35
eintopfor seperate rx/tx buffer?18:35
Action: eintopf need to look18:35
larscno idea to be honest18:36
eintopfa separate18:36
eintopfthat's good18:36
eintopfthe at86rf2xx have one only, I expierence improvements at mrf24j4018:37
eintopfmrf24j40 has also separate rx/tx buffer18:37
eintopfah cca mode 1 only18:39
eintopfyea, datasheets looks okay18:41
eintopfI am sure I have question when I look again into it18:41
eintopflarsc: and can I have the source for the firmware? :-)18:42
eintopfno, little joke :(18:42
larscprobably not18:43
larscI don't have it either18:43
larscwe are unworthy software developers ;)18:44
eintopfmhh, where are the register settings for the address filter18:46
eintopfmaybe I should lookup it in the current driver18:46
eintopfdoesn't described inside the datasheet but driver use 0x11618:48
eintopfbase address 0x116 for the extended address18:48
eintopfI think I have not the _real_ for internal use datasheet ;-)18:51
larscthis is the latest version of the driver https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/linux/blob/xcomm_zynq/drivers/net/ieee802154/adf7242.c18:51
eintopf#define REG_IEEE_ADDR_0                0x11618:52
eintopfthis isn't described in my version of datasheet18:52
eintopfRev. 018:52
larscAll I have is what is on the public website18:54
pcercueiit's a fake register IIRC18:54
pcercueihandled by the firmware18:54
eintopfso the datasheet doesn't represent the current available firmware?18:57
pcercuei0x116 is for the 64-bit address18:59
eintopfahh here is the right document18:59
pcercueiyeah. I don't know where that info actually comes from.18:59
eintopfregister map extensions18:59
eintopfI will put that to my materials19:00
pcercueiah, great19:00
pcercueialso, I'm pretty sure that the chip can work without any firmware19:01
pcercuei(and then the advanced features are not available)19:02
eintopfaddress filtering is also only a optional feature19:05
eintopfto reduce workload19:05
eintopfI think I will have more question when I work on it :/19:05
eintopfalso question is for me if the transceiver automatically detects if acknowledge request bit is set and waiting after transmit for an ack19:06
eintopfor I need to go into some special state or do I need set some register bit for that19:06
eintopfa great19:18
eintopfthe transceiver will do that automatically19:18
eintopf If it is set, then an acknowledgment19:19
eintopfframe is expected following the transmission.19:19
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