#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2015-08-19

DocScrutinizer51(now joerg talking) we'll arrive in ~60min at Berlin11:20
DocScrutinizer51wolfspraul: ping ^^^11:28
larscjust go to his house unannounced ;)11:31
wpwrakhmm, a couple of days away from mail and 1800+ new ones ...19:42
wpwraki guess until i'm home, there will be another 50019:42
wpwrakand a crying baby among the pax waiting for my flight. i hope it travels biz, far from me :)20:07
wpwrakhmm. flight time predicted to be 16h. some 2h longer than normal.20:31
wpwrakanyway, time to get ready.20:32
--- Thu Aug 20 201500:00

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