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kyakand that's the first time i heard "wprak" pronounced. It's like "double-u-pi-rak", when in my head i used to say "vi-pi-rak" :)06:33
larscI'll stay with the later, much more fluent07:14
viricI pronounce it "brac" or "beprac" (1M?@'0:)07:16
kyakviric: why is "b" the first sound? did you mean "v" (2M?@0:)?07:51
viricmost catalans, like spaniards, don't distinguish b and v :)07:53
viricand on start of word, that's always 'b'07:53
kyakah! :)07:53
viricmy friends say "it's incredible that you make sound Barcelona and València the same way" :)07:54
viriclike korean, we make one sound at start of word, another between vowels. And none is like 207:54
virickoreans don't have d/t distinction. Between vocals they use to do 'd', else 't'.07:55
viricbut it is one single letter for them.07:55
viric(koreans please confirm :)07:55
kyakso you do say "Balencia"? :)07:56
viricalthough specifically the catalans of València do distinguish b/v :)07:57
kyakwhat a useless letter then, v :)07:57
viricas years pass by, we need less letters ;)07:57
viricwe have troubles to know what to write, b or v07:58
kyaklet's merge w and v. Then merge v and b :)07:59
viricwe don't have w07:59
virichere, careless english pronouncers say "gu" instead of "w". :)08:00
kyakbut wiki says you do! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalan_orthography08:00
virickyak: just for foreign words taken straight, like 'k'.08:01
viricwe is pronounced 3C8.08:01
kyakgoddamn, not even close to how it is written down :)08:02
viricwe have value ’ 3C8 E0D 10;JN08:02
viricB2Q@4>< 5;08:03
kyakit's like you have a nose disease :)08:03
viricRussian: 28 02 20;N08:03
kyak28 EM2 2M;LN08:04
viricah, that's more USA. :)08:04
kyakthat's hwo a bad english teacher would say08:04
virica ’ 708:04
kyakyeah, it's more american english08:04
kyakM, not 7 :)08:05
viricoops yes08:05
kyakthere is a joke about how one russian would argue with american that it is possible to write down "3" in lower case08:06
viricItalian: 28 0220 20;JN008:06
kyakand then he would write russian letter "ze" - 7 08:06
viricI like how you turn 180° the hour in km/h ;)08:07
viriclooks like a print typo08:08
kyaksorry, i didn't get it - "180° the hour" ?08:09
kyakbut 180°?..08:09
virich ’ G08:09
viricpi radians08:10
kyakmaybe my perseption is biased, i don't get it :)08:10
viric225@E =>30<808:11
kyaki took a paper and a pencil08:11
kyaki get it that G is upside-down h08:12
viricthat's all08:12
virica 180° turn08:12
viricpi radians turn08:13
kyakok, i got it --)08:13
viricha :)08:13
kyaki was thinking at first about coversion from "180° the hour" to "km/h"08:13
viricyou never thought that km/h and :</G have one letter upside down?08:14
kyakwhich doesn't really make sense08:14
kyaknope, i didn't08:14
viricinteresting perception08:14
kyaktht's really fucking cray08:14
kyaki'll show some foreigner my speedometer08:15
viricedge-thinking ? :)08:15
kyaki'll tell him - look, there is a typo. Letter "h" is upside down08:15
kyaki get a feeeling about how foreigners see cyrillic when i look at greek text08:16
kyaki think so08:16
viricfair comparison08:16
kyakbecause it's like "letters are similar, but some look very strange08:17
viricor gothic germa08:17
viricgothic german08:17
viricin which larsc helps me :)08:17
virickyak: like this https://books.google.es/books?id=yNRRAAAAcAAJ&pg=PA17508:18
kyakviric: looks like a regular german to me :)08:18
viriche is, by far, the german which understands that text best.08:18
viricmost tell me "I don't know gothic"08:18
kyaksame way, a latin man wouldn't probably see a difference between greek and cyrillic08:19
viricnot much, no.08:20
kyakok, gotta go now. Nice discussion08:20
viric:) ?>:0!08:21
infobot1 packet transmitted, 1 packet received, 0.0% packet loss12:28
DocScrutinizer51anybody wolfgang lately?12:32
DocScrutinizer51anybody seen wolfgang lately?12:32
DocScrutinizer51ooh, and greetings from wpwrak :D12:32
DocScrutinizer51anybody seen wolfgang lately?12:32
DocScrutinizer51ooh, and greetings from wpwrak :D12:32
pcercueihe's in Germany?12:33
DocScrutinizer51we're both at cccamp1512:35
DocScrutinizer51anybody seen wolfgang spraul lately?13:25
MSG541[16:33:22] <DocScrutinizer51> larsc: you're around?14:52
larscbut not at the camp18:28
larscif you mean that18:28
DocScrutinizer51hi! anybody around?19:42
MSG541[19:45:19] Action: dos1 is19:45
DocScrutinizer51hi 19:45
dos1hmm, infobot went off at 16:59 in netsplit and didn't return19:46
DocScrutinizer51could you send a mail to wolfgang with my cellphone number19:48
DocScrutinizer51dos1: Sorry I can't remote-reboot it19:50
dos1DocScrutinizer51: last e-mail from him in my inbox is from 2012 and sharism.cc domain, I suppose it may be out of date19:51
DocScrutinizer51dos1: do you know WolfSpraul's email addr?20:14
dos1DocScrutinizer51: check query20:14
DocScrutinizer51sorry no query zarrived. betwork very flaky20:15
DocScrutinizer51dos1: it seems neither infobot nor apt is online, please check purl20:36
Action: eintopf is21:21
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