#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2015-08-12

DocScrutinizer51did wpwrak already report from Paris?08:54
eintopfhe is not landed?09:01
eintopfbut he is above paris right now09:02
eintopfhe is landing!09:07
eintopflooks like it was succeessful09:11
MSG541[09:33:38] <DocScrutinizer51> terrible connectivity here09:17
DocScrutinizer51let's see if he finds the time and opportunity to report09:46
pcercueiCSZ9026 is falling down11:52
DocScrutinizer51eintopf: thanks!12:09
eintopfhe is right now to the closet position to me12:17
eintopfwhat a honor :|12:17
pcercueiyou're in Paris?12:18
eintopflittle village auringen in the near of wiesbaden12:18
pcercueiah. In Germany12:19
eintopfwpwrak isn't in france anymore12:19
eintopfright now he is above "Butzbach"12:20
Action: eintopf never heard Butzbach12:20
Action: ysionneau has never seen such a followed flight12:57
ysionneauis there anyone waiting for him at Tegel with a sign "wpwrak"?12:58
eintopfdon't know I just watching him while programming12:58
ysionneauwith lots of fans asking for signed picture12:58
eintopfysionneau: and a big LED display with "wpwrak"12:59
eintopfrainbow colored scrolling text12:59
eintopflanding looks like it was successful13:01
ysionneau+1 for the LED display13:02
wpwrakroh: package received, thanks !!18:17
eintopfwpwrak: how are you19:31
eintopfhow was the flight19:31
ysionneauwpwrak: your flight was closely followed on IRC19:32
ysionneauin ... live19:32
Action: eintopf did some south american like applause on starting and landing :P19:35
wpwrak;-)) the delay was because they had to change a wheel (!) ... at the gate, with everyone aboard19:40
ysionneaunot a wheel of the plane I hope :)19:42
wpwrakyes, one of the wheels. never heard of that.19:44
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