#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2015-08-11

wpwrak_mmmh. no ssl to freenode. the driftnetters @camp will have fun :)05:53
eintopfgood morning05:54
wpwrak_time to crawl to bed here. off to airport in 11h05:58
eintopfwpwrak in germany it is hot06:55
eintopfbut it is a bad hot06:55
eintopfwhere do you landing?07:00
eintopfwpwrak: what for a airport? Frankfurt? :o09:29
eintopfthen I will come09:29
DocScrutinizer51eintopf: he'll stop over somewhere in dunno GB or France, then Berlin Tegel09:59
DocScrutinizer51in ~14h ETA10:00
DocScrutinizer51err 28h10:00
DocScrutinizer5126 even10:01
eintopfi hope he will watch a nice movie in the airplane10:01
wpwrakhe'll stop over in france. AF 393 -> AF 153410:55
wpwraksix hours to departure. now ... what shall i pack ... ?10:55
eintopfah, france10:57
ysionneauwpwrak: how long are you staying in France ? just a few hours?11:04
ysionneaunot leaving the airport I guess11:05
larscsince it is France there is a good chance they'll be on strike and he gets to stay a bit longer ;)11:10
kyakeveryone wants to see wpwrak :) hey, are you going to russia any time soon? :)11:12
wpwrakare they on strike these days ? i know that they often are, though i never had the misfortune of getting caught by that (not even in argentina, where they used to have more strike days than flying days)11:12
wpwrakysionneau: just connecting .. about 95 min from arrival to departure. probably just enough time to figure out which path to take through the maze :)11:13
pcercueitsss... what a bad reputation we have11:13
wpwrakkyak: naw. i must have been overflying part of it some 20 years ago, though :)11:14
kyakyeah, you couldn't possibly miss this huge piece of mainland :)11:21
wpwrakit's surprisingly easy if you don't fly europe-asia very often :)11:26
ysionneauas long as you don't take the train from airport to Paris, you're probably fine :p11:36
ysionneauexcept when Air France is on strike11:36
whitequarkysionneau: wait, what's wrong with the train11:37
ysionneauit must be one of the shittiest in all Paris area11:44
ysionneaualways late, or out of service or something else11:44
ysionneauit goes in the poor neibourhoods, so no money :)11:45
Action: wpwrak hates whoever put the power button of my laptop just where your thumb is when you lift it with one hand12:50
whitequarkrefugees in berlin??14:11
wpwrakDocScrutinizer51: at the gate. free wifi, but doesn't let SSH through. guess i need to find an SMTP-to-SSH escape :)18:43
eintopfi am prepared to watching your flight18:45
eintopfgoogle sy "Abflug in 1 Stunde 25 Minuten"18:45
eintopfwpwrak: what you need is a ssh tunneling over https18:46
wpwrak(departure) sounds about right. boarding nominally in 30 min. security didn't take any interest in my box of things they've probably don't see every day ;-)18:48
wpwrak(tunnel) yeah. now that i know what they have here, i can set something up. well, once i get to a place that permits ssh18:49
wpwrakhmm, turbulences reported over china. 30 unbuckled pax and crew got injured on one flight. that must be a new record. all quiet on my route, it seems18:55
eintopfwaiting for a flight is terrible19:03
wpwraknaw, as long as it's not half a day, i don't mind. the tedious ones were those connections in JNB when travening to taipei: 9 hours between the two flights19:06
wpwrakalright, time to get ready. next stop: paris.19:08
larscdon't get lost19:08
eintopfwhy he should get lost?19:18
eintopfdon't scare me :(19:18
Action: eintopf don't see af393 on flightradar2420:15
eintopfthe flight has delay20:32
Action: eintopf to watch flights is better than tv20:32
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