#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2015-07-23

DocScrutinizer05whitequark: LOL, seen a report in TV a few hours ago - MUHAHAHA00:58
whitequarkoh yeah it's an enormous deal right now00:58
whitequarklegislation being fast-tracked, etc00:59
whitequarkwell, no shit00:59
wpwrakmmh ? martial law ? manned mission to pluto ? russia buys the us national debt ?01:37
whitequarkjeep hack01:43
wpwrakoh :)01:44
wpwrakdidn't even read the news article :)01:44
DocScrutinizer05pretty funny01:46
Action: DocScrutinizer05 wants a *decent* 3D-printer!! http://www.concept-laser.de/branchen/automotive/maschinen.html?sa=X&ved=0CBYQ9QEwAGoVChMI0Jq6oZLwxgIVC7wUCh3bEAh001:53
wpwrakunclouded: speaking of which ... how did the printing go ?01:57
uncloudedwpwrak: a bit average.  the overhangs caused problems as expected: http://war.dist.ro/tmp/20150723_Anelok-case-1.jpg02:31
uncloudedtopside top: http://war.dist.ro/tmp/20150723_Anelok-case-2.jpg, under top: http://war.dist.ro/tmp/20150723_Anelok-case-3.jpg, bottom, switch: http://war.dist.ro/tmp/20150723_Anelok-case-4.jpg02:32
wpwrakhmm, didn't quite fuse some of the lines it made02:56
wpwrakthe surface texture seems smoother than in bas' print02:57
wpwraknasty steps in the curves, though02:57
wpwrakthe white plastic looks great. very good for examining. with black, you see very little02:58
wpwrakdid you try to put it together ?02:58
uncloudedyes, it almost fits together.  the tabs fit where they should.  with a little finishing the back might fit without any pressure04:23
uncloudedgood observation: white is understood to show up defects.  layer height was 0.14mm04:24
uncloudedis the intention that the final case be printable, or are you thinking mainly for rapid prototyping?04:24
wpwrakthat's just prototyping. for good quality, injection molding is probably unavoidable04:25
wpwrak(fits) great ! overall, it seems that your printer is better than bas' at making smooth surfaces, while bas' is better at avoiding ugly jumps and at making things stick together04:27
wpwraki think the two printers should get to know each other, and have kids ;-)04:27
uncloudedwith RepRap that's supposed to be the idea! :)04:28
wpwrakyou never know what's going on at night in those machine rooms :)04:50
uncloudednow that you mention it, when a friend left their i3 around here one night there was a lot of unexplained clanking06:05
kyakthese are just night farts06:10
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