#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2015-07-17

kyakwpwrak: do you think it would be possible for Anelok to act like a "token" to unlock smartphone? That is, when Anelok is around, the smartphone is unlocked. When Anelok is not around, it is required to enter password (pin) to unlock the smartphone04:50
kyakwhat is CC2543? the web site says it is RF transiever, but is it bluetooth or what?04:51
whitequarkkyak: so you'll be having anelok on you at all time, but the smartphone, not?05:12
whitequarki'm afraid i don't know anyone who uses smartphones like that05:12
kyakwhitequark: there are a lot of people using smartphones like this, and there are even products, like bluetooth hand wrists, which act like tokens06:01
wpwrakkyak: the idea is to use the cc2543 to implement btle. it's not marketed for btle (ti have another chip in that family for it, with proprietary closed firmware for their btle stack), but it seems that the radio is capable of doing the basics08:54
wpwrakkyak: and once btle is up, you can use it for whatever btle can be used for. i have to admit that i'm no BT expert, so i can't tell whether a specific use would be easy or hard, but i guess you could have the devices "ping" each other, or use the mechanisms that maintain associations between stations to check for proximity08:56
wpwrakone concern would be power, though. anelok is meant to be "mostly off". if you have a lot of RF activity, that may not be so nice on the battery. "rf activity" here also includes listening - keeping the receiver powered, even if idle, is almost as expensive as transmitting. (at the level of the system, about 500x the power consumption of being truly asleep)08:59
wpwrakbut btle is supposed to be smart about such things. so hopefully one can find a decent compromise there :)08:59
wpwrakso my "high-level" answer would be: yes, should be feasible, and the platform is certainly open enough that someone can implement this sort of features09:05
kyakwpwrak: great, thanks!11:49
kyakgod damnit. .someone localized git (russian translation). It was pretty hard to understand in english, now it makes even less sense17:16
kyakalias git="LANG=C git" goes into my aliases..17:17
wpwrakl10n is evil :)17:19
kyakit's like translating gcc errors.. good luck finding them on internet or posting results. You always have to rerun with LANG=C17:19
wpwrakyeah, indeed :) you're suddenly kicked back to the pre-internet age. instead of the knowledge of the world, you're reduced to the tales of your tribe17:21
kyaknah, localization is good, but for command line tools mostly not needed. Translate man pages if you have nothing else to do!17:21
kyakespecially if those are niche tools..17:22
kyakyou are right, it kind of separate community even more17:23
virickyak: and for git you always need google to understand anything20:00
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