#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2015-07-11

DocScrutinizer05honestly. A tent camp. With a *continuous* (resp average) power consumption of 500W per person. BWAHAHAHA00:00
DocScrutinizer05maybe they want to operate their 100 showers all with electric water flow heating00:02
DocScrutinizer05that indeed would add up to 2.5MW00:03
wpwrakhmm, those heaters tend to be in the 3-6 kW range. so there would be your first 0.5 MW.00:11
wpwrakand they seem to expect to run them pretty much around the clock. so add lighting, then PCs, TVs and projectors at villages, etc., the big tents, probably with AC, ...00:13
wpwrakand with 8 generators, they may want to have 1-2 spares. so if 8 deliver 2.5 MW, 6 are 1.9 MW. maybe there are some operational limitations as well. e.g., if it's very hot, they may not be able to deliver the maximum nominal power.00:17
wpwrakif generators feed separate grids, your peak / average ratio becomes even worse00:19
DocScrutinizer05nobody operates heaters from generator09:52
DocScrutinizer05electrical heating should get forbidden anyway09:53
wpwrakwe'll need a lot more co2 in the atmosphere before that becomes an option :)10:05
--- Sun Jul 12 201500:00

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