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qi-bot[commit] Bas Wijnen: Make it work with new gcc version; use linker script to force entry code in page 0. (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/iris/2d803d505:48
hackvanaHello folks.  Back in 2011, wolfspraul had some patches for KiCad to add the ability to do a bunch of things from the command line, for example, to plot to gerbers.  Anyone know where they are?15:24
larscprobably back in 201115:26
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak seems to usually have a pretty up-to-date and pimped kicad aiui15:27
hackvanalarsc: Funny15:28
hackvanaDocScrutinizer05: ?15:28
wpwrakhackvana: the patches are in http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/eda-tools/source/tree/master/kicad-patches16:38
wpwrakhowever, please note that they're for a very old and now obsolete version of kicad16:38
wpwrakalas, internals have changed, so they don't work with more recent versions16:39
hackvanawpwrak: Thank you!16:39
hackvanaYeah, I remember wolfspraul sent them to kicad-developers but they were rejected.  I think it was a missed opportunity.16:39
wpwrakalso, the kicad i use is actually an older version, too (though already too new for these patches). i find that the latest development versions aren't quite usable. e.g., some operations in the "traditional" UI have become very slow, and if you switch to the one with the push router, a lot of things don't work yet16:40
hackvanaYes.  I still use one from 201316:41
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