#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2015-06-28

whitequarklol DocScrutinizer05 21:51
whitequarkI've just picked up a chinese SATA PCIe controller21:51
whitequarkit has 6 ports but can handle only 4 devices simultaneously21:51
whitequarkiow 6 physical ports but 4 ports on the controller IC21:51
whitequarkcan you guess how would the user select which physical ports go to which controller IC ports?21:52
whitequarkhint: imagine the gnarliest, cheapest solution you possibly can21:53
wpwrakcheapest solution: 2 ports are simply unconnected ? for "power only" :)22:24
whitequarkwell, not quite22:27
whitequarkthe answer is they put a jumper in a gap between 6Gbps SATA lanes22:27
whitequarkand you switch between int/ext ports using that.22:27
whitequarkI can't believe it works. I assume it works in at least some capacity.22:28
wpwrakjumper. solid, proven technology. and don't all those fancy new high-speed bus thingies have some speed adjustment phase where they determine how fast they can safely go ? see. no problem then. your data will still flow safely.22:35
whitequark"we make sure your eSATA external drive is as slow as your USB one"22:37
whitequark"that is tradition"22:37
wpwrak"fully compatible" :)22:39
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