#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2015-06-27

xiangfuDocScrutinizer05: wpwrak Hi14:52
DocScrutinizer05hi! :-)14:52
xiangfuDocScrutinizer05: I am working on the BOM. do we have digikey link for the BOM. or do we have picture on those BOM?14:56
xiangfuthe people works for me needs more details on the BOM .14:56
DocScrutinizer05I guess wpwrak is the ideal person to ask, he prepares the BOM14:57
xiangfuYes. 14:58
DocScrutinizer05his scripts for sure have URLs at some point during processing14:58
DocScrutinizer05I also guess his script is basically public14:59
DocScrutinizer05great chinese FW acting up today?14:59
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