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marcusyeah, paul prepared the debian/embedian doc and archive for jessie: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Emdebian06:14
marcusso it now should be possible to boot jessie from sdcard on a nano06:14
kyaktell us about your experience with debian. I believe it will be pretty slow07:03
marcushave not build it yet, but if i figured it out, i will let you know09:07
marcushopefully we will soon have libre drivers for PowerVR09:14
kyaki thought you'd just use prebuilt mips debian09:20
damokrSeems like a good time to bring up what I have done on the NN. Built 4.1 kernel with a hardcoded command line to boot from SD partition 1. Actually built several kernel variations12:01
damokrsuch as a kexec,a uImage and a small uImage to fit in nand all with different hard coded command lines for different partitions. Built several modules to play with. Btfrs, ntfs,12:01
damokrf2fs and a few others. I used buildroot to make a systemd rootfs and boot to that. Plus I have a jessie debian directory that I use as a systemd-nspawn container. I can ssh into the12:02
damokrcontainer and export to a X Display and run some X stuff. Its a little slow. But hey, I can try out stuff with python and bottle. Run apache (really slow). What are you guys doing12:02
damokrwith the NN? I wish I could get the atusb/atben to work without the ack problem (sometimes it does, depending on the mobo I hook it to). Or even get the sd wifi to work.12:02
kyakwell, it's a shame but my NN is collecting dust on a shelf12:03
damokrThe NN is the most prtable test mcahine I have. I spend lots of time waiting. Waitin on the bus, waiting on the car pool, waiting in the doctors office ( for other family members). Wating, waiting........12:07
kyakthere is a very limiting factor to that.. no fucking internet12:08
kyakand then my hand goes to the phone...12:08
kyakyeah, my phone doesn't have gcc12:09
kyakor linux. But Internet!12:09
damokrI spend time trying NOT to connect to the interent. I can do lots of local net things on the NN.   But also have a phone with a chroot debian distro. Just run VNC and I have the gui. Woohoo internet stuff.12:12
kyakunfortunately, my phone runs symbian :) i had a hard time updating timezone data now that nokia doesn't send updates anymore12:18
wpwrakheh, how fitting. web radio started to play "Your Distant World" when the phase feeding my internet access came back. that track has a very orchestral opening, ideal for some sort of sunrise or similar12:26
kyakand you really think this is a coincidence?12:28
wpwrakof course not. they were monitoring my link status and quickly adapted the playlist to welcome me properly.12:29
kyakand now they are partying because their evil plan has worked!12:30
wpwrakwhy evil ? submissive-deferential, as it becomes those in the presence of their betters12:36
kyaki can't imaging what differential is12:36
marcusdamokr, are you planning to document the steps on the wiki? or maybe provide a sdcard image?13:33
damokrnever thought about documenting it. I suppose I could, if there's interest. I can provide the systemd rootfs (its small) and the deb directory with systemd installed so that systemd-nspawn can be run.13:49
DocScrutinizer05watch your first step!14:26
DocScrutinizer05to be utterly clear: I don't think systemd is meant to go on NN or other embedded stuff like that. Poettering been *very* clear on that, like "who cares about embedded? They can go roll their own distro without systemd. Systemd will NOT care if it can run on embedded, it's meant to work on systems that have one single rootfs of contenporary size - like 5 GB"14:35
DocScrutinizer05or was it 50GB?14:36
damokrIt was interesting project to get it running. Had to learn systemd anyway, so might as well see if I could get it on the NN. I didn't expect it to work, but it did. had a little trouble with agetty. I think the BeagleBone uses it.14:41
pcercueiwhat libc are you using?14:47
pcercueiIIRC systemd won't even compile with uClibc14:47
damokrglibc. buildroot wouldn't let you select uclibc anyway.14:57
pcercueiwhy not?14:58
damokrIf you select uclibc, the init system defaults back to busybox or systemV.15:05
pcercueiah, yes15:09
arossdotmeis it possible to buy little 3amp fast charging boards/modules for a 6600mh li-po batt?18:25
arossdotmeall i can find is 1amp ones or RC batt pack charges that aren't what i want, there big and need a RC batt pack cus they connect to each cell separately18:27
DocScrutinizer05connect to each cell is exactly what you should do dor a multicell pack - particularly for fast charging18:30
DocScrutinizer05or you'll inveitably overcharge single cells of the pack18:30
DocScrutinizer05which kills your whole pack in no time18:31
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