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marcusis there a way to cycle through applications on a nanonote (like Alt+Tab)?06:01
eintopfi think that depends on window managef06:57
eintopfyou running linux, you can do everything :-)06:58
marcusi am on openwrt using gmenu2x06:59
marcusis there any recent linux distribution prebuild for the nano, or instructions on howto install it?07:00
marcusthe latest one i have found was related to debian squeeze07:00
eintopfmhh, not that i know. I don't know gmenu2x also07:02
eintopfsounds like something from gp2x handheld, the one from gamepark holding :-)07:03
kyakmarcus: kind of.. use separate ttys for running your apps and switch with Ctrl+Alt+F1/F2/etc07:44
kyakif those are console, better use screen07:44
kyakif those use graphical stuff, switching won't probably work anyway07:45
eintopfkyak: there is no xserver running with fbdev or something else?07:49
eintopfor it's too complicated to navigate over that?07:49
marcuskyak, ok, thanks. it's mainly about listening music in the background, so this would work for me.07:58
eintopfvery cool music player :-)08:05
kyakeintopf: nope, no X server08:16
kyakgtk and qt application run directly on directfb08:16
kyakor whatever08:16
marcusare there any plans to update the openwrt images to a more recent version?08:54
kyaki really doubt it would make sense.. 1) there are no new users (hardware as abandoned) 2) kernel development has stopped 3) there is no value in updating to newer openwrt (no new features for us)09:28
kyak4) update only to fight with gazillions of failed packages? no thanks09:28
kyakif you really want some newer package, just rebuild the newer version09:28
kyakthe existing toolchain is not that old to be able to build and run any newer individual package09:29
eintopfbut, it's linux so update on your own. Yea you need some skills to do that09:31
eintopfbut running a decent debian arm system, I think it's not so difficult09:31
eintopfkyak: is the ben nanonote mainline support @ linux kernel?09:31
eintopfthat sounds good to have less work to get a recent linux running09:45
kyaklarsc should have more details on remaining patches (if at all)09:46
larscthe LCD driver is the only one missing09:46
pcercueithe pinctrl driver is missing too :)09:52
marcuskyak, sounds reasonable. do you know if there are any plans to update the hardware e.g. a nanonote209:59
kyakmarcus: not anything that i'm aware of. There were numerous questions about Nanonote continuation on mailing list. Event some recent discussions - you can have a look10:09
kyaklike this10:12
marcusthanks for pointing that out. I have also taken a look at the pocket chip computer but it's not really that small10:23
eintopfmaybe http://neo900.org/ ?10:28
eintopfit's a smartphone10:28
eintopfwith keyboard10:28
marcusyes, i even got a n900 lying around10:28
marcusnot sure if i could manage to replace the board10:29
eintopfthen you need to switch the board only (I suppose)10:29
marcusand it's really expensive10:29
marcusabout 1000$ or so10:29
marcusi bought my nano for 100$10:29
marcusbtw. is qi hardware a company or a community project?10:30
marcusembedian also seems to work with wheezy10:39
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