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--- Sat Jun 13 201500:00
marcus_hi all. i followed the steps on http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Format_Data_Partition to create a data partition. i can initially mount it but after reboot i got an error like:07:29
marcus_mount: mounting ubi1:data on /data/ failed: Invalid argument07:29
marcus_i have attached it before using ubiattach /dev/ubi_ctrl -m 307:30
whitequarkwhat does dmesg say?07:52
marcus_now it works, maybe i did something wrong08:01
kyakwe should add the "ask on IRC" step to instructions. Obviously, it doesn't work without it08:29
eintopffirst step would be "doesn it really not work?"08:47
marcus_i have tried it several times, following exactly all steps. on the third time it worked08:54
marcus_not sure what was the reason for08:55
marcus_i got another one lying around, so maybe i could try to reproduce it08:56
marcus_the only difference on my last (working) attempt was to first execute ubimkvol /dev/ubi1 -s 1730MiB -N data which of course resulted in an error and then ubimkvol /dev/ubi1 -s 1480MiB -N data08:57
DocScrutinizer05I would blame sync11:10
marcus_hi. i am trying to launch supertux, but every time i try to enter a level, the nano freezes. are there any settings i can optimize?17:10
kyaksupertux is resource heavy itself, you shouldn't be running anything else. You should also enable swap17:37
marcus_when i launch something from gmenu2x does gmenu still run in the background?17:40
marcus_hmm, when i try to create a swap file on the nand /data partition, and do a swapon, i got an error like swapon: swapfile has holes18:01
marcus_end_request: I/O error, dev mtdblock0, sector 018:01
marcus_not sure if that's normal, but ls -al shows the file size of the swap file correctly (1GB) but df -h only shows that 90.3M are used on the data partition18:02
marcus_i am going to try to set up a swap file on a sdcard18:54
--- Sun Jun 14 201500:00

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