#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2015-06-11

paul_boddieStill no real progress, although I found a blog post where someone suggests using -O linux -T kernel with mkimage:14:04
paul_boddieJust great: rebuilt U-Boot from openwrt-xburst and now MMC-booting only gets as far as "mmc1 is available".18:03
Action: paul_boddie hates U-Boot.18:03
eintopfpaul_boddie: try barebox18:11
paul_boddieOn the NanoNote?18:12
paul_boddieI actually want to get something working with U-Boot elsewhere, though.18:13
eintopfmhh, then you need to port at first. yep18:13
paul_boddieNow I just have to figure out how to update openwrt-xburst using git. Sigh!18:16
paul_boddieOr just clone the damned thing again for my own sanity's sake.18:24
wpwrakget rid of it ? :)18:24
paul_boddieGit, OpenWrt or U-Boot?18:26
paul_boddieI thought people wanted to write their own nice bootloader, but I guess they didn't finish it.18:29
eintopfpaul_boddie: I think wpwrak opinion is more "bootloaders are useless"18:35
wpwrakbootloaders are very useful - and should be extremely simple :)18:47
eintopfso extremely simple would be "start kernel only"18:53
wpwrakyup, with some initramfs that does the rest18:54
eintopfyea, I remember that18:55
paul_boddieAnd not leave the hardware in some weird state.18:55
paul_boddieMeanwhile, it's branch surfing time as OpenWrt fails to build its toolchain for some reason unknown to man.18:57
wpwraki would advocate that the kernel should try to initialize as much of the hardware as possible, to minimize its dependency on the boot loader18:57
wpwrakyou haven't experienced build failures if you haven't used OE ;-)18:58
eintopfmaybe when I have time, then I will the idea of kboot18:58
wpwrakat openmoko, i was very happy when we got people who just took care of building the damn monster and making binary packages18:59
paul_boddieOE and related stuff are just hateful, really.18:59
wpwrakwe seem to agree ;-)18:59
eintopfwhat is OE18:59
paul_boddieIt's a relief in a way that Debian now actually has cross-compilers that work.18:59
eintopfah, ok19:00
wpwrakkinda like gentoo. but very fragile. getting it to build (which took forever) was like winning the lottery19:00
wpwrakand we had the perverse setup of building code under development inside OE. so each time the monster blew up, development stopped.19:01
wpwrakwell, that was for the application people. we also had a simple SDK that was sufficient for my kind of work. so i largely escaped :)19:01
eintopfyou could script yourself some image generation foo19:04
eintopfand doing alle the cross compiling stuff19:04
eintopfbut that's more crazy19:04
wpwraki made a rootfs builder that just installed pre-compiled packages and then added my stuff. that worked quite nicely.19:05
eintopfpre-compiled :/19:06
eintopfI don't like that19:06
wpwrakwell, there are so many bash variations you need :)19:08
wpwrakand if keeps the build failures on the other side of that package repo19:08
eintopftv is so boring, I think I read a book... perry rhodan. I am still at volume 119:31
wpwrakthe most epic space opera ever ;-)19:35
paul_boddieRemembered to look up the magic formula to hopefully avoid building absolutely everything in OpenWrt:20:01
paul_boddieOK. MMC support is back! And suddenly my payload works for some reason.22:03
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