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qwebirc90287rjeffries asks: what are your thoughts re: http://www.lowrisc.org/15:17
paul_boddieAnyone have any hints about running standalone programs from U-Boot on the NanoNote?15:59
paul_boddieThe binary portions of ELFs bundled as uImages. Not sure if that's sane or not, but it works over USB boot.16:02
paul_boddieMaybe I should be using plain ELFs in uImage files.16:02
paul_boddieI think the executable launches, but if so I can't easily verify it because I need to reset the display, and I'm not sure if that's working, either.16:03
paul_boddieBinary portions should apparently work: http://www.stlinux.com/u-boot/mkimage/kernel-images16:20
paul_boddieAlso: http://www.denx.de/wiki/view/DULG/HowCanICreateAnUImageFromAELFFile16:21
paul_boddieU-Boot seems to want to load the binary at 0x80600000. Sound familiar to anyone?16:47
pcercueithe Linux kernel expect to be loaded at 0x8001000017:09
pcercueifor the jz4740 at least17:09
paul_boddieI'm trying to re-use a stage 2 payload that works over USB boot. That does some relocation hacks to deal with being loaded in a different place by usbboot.17:14
paul_boddieU-Boot says "Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 80600000 ..." and then shows the image details.17:15
paul_boddieIt ends with "Loading Standalone Program ... OK", then "OK", then... well, maybe it runs. ;-)17:15
paul_boddieHowever, if I choose load/entry addresses of 0x80600000, I get "XIP Standalone Program ... OK" and then "OK".17:18
paul_boddie(This isn't a Linux kernel, obviously.)17:18
pcercueibut what address did you compile your program for?17:20
paul_boddieI've tried 0x80000000 and 0x80010000 giving the "Loading Standalone Program" message.17:49
paul_boddieAnd 0x80600000 gives the "XIP Standalone Program" message.17:49
paul_boddieIn other words, I've specified the load and entry addresses when running mkimage. The binary itself should be relocateable, but maybe that's my big mistake.17:50
paul_boddieI'll be back later, but I'll check the logs if you have any hints, particularly about obvious mistakes I've made. ;-)17:51
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